20 Surprising Applications of Vicks VapoRub That You Never Knew Of

We have always been using Vicks VapoRub to treat problems like cold, headaches, stuffiness of the throat and chest, congested nose, and cough. But there’s lot more that VapoRub is capable of doing.
Do you know that it has been here for over a century?
It is among the most commonly used over the counter decongestants in the world. You can use it for so many other treatments, beyond just your congested chest.
In recent years, new popular and nontraditional methods have been created for using the ointment.
Here are surprising uses of Vicks that you probably didn’t know yet.

20 Surprising Applications of Vicks VapoRub That You Never Knew Of

1. No More Mosquitoes

Yes, if you apply little Vicks VapoRub on your skin and clothes, you can get rid of mosquitoes.

2. Treating Sinus Headaches

Do you have sinus headaches? Just apply it under the nose and inhale. Vicks has menthol that helps in calming the headache.

3. Alleviating Acne

You must have never imagined it, but Vicks can actually be used for cleaning the skin. All you have to do is to apply it on the acne just a few times per day. You will find that not only does your acne get dry, the skin area will also sooth out.

4. Fend Off Insects

Do you want to keep the nasty insects away? Rub Vicks on your elbows, the inner knees, neck and behind the ears.

The flies can be irritating on a picnic. But you can keep an open bottle of Vicks and the flies will not come near you. This is also an eco-friendly method.

Surprising Applications of Vicks VapoRub

5. Heal the Bruises Faster

If you have bruises, mix Vicks VapoRub with a pinch of salt. Apply the mixture on your fresh bruise and it will heal faster.

6. Give Relief to Sore Muscles

When you have sore muscles, massage the area with Vicks. Leave the area covered in a dry and warm towel and rest.

You should lift the sore limb only when the pain subsides. Repeat it two more times and do this daily until the pain is gone.

7. Skin Moisturizer

You can also use as a skin moisturizer for your dry skin. Just rub it and you will get the desired results.

8. Relief from Tennis Elbow Pain

Do you have tennis elbow pain? Apply VapoRub on the area and the camphor and menthol in it will give you relief from the pain. You should rub it a few times until the ache is gone.

9. Treating Cracked Heels

Most people don’t know what to do with their cracked heels. Take some Vicks, and apply on your heels and feet before going to bed. Put on the socks after applying.

When you wake up, wash the feet using warm water. Your skin will become soft, so use a pumice stone to exfoliate it. Repeat every night and your feet will become smooth, without any cracks and healthier.

10. Eliminate Toenail & Fingernail Fungus

If you have fungus infected fingernail or toenail, apply Vicks 2 times every day. After applying put your socks on. Make sure your nails are properly trimmed until the infected area is removed.

11. Get Relief from Cough & Symptoms of Congestion

Applying Vicks on your chest and throat can help in getting relief from congestion and cough.

12. Stop your Cat from Scratching

Are you annoyed with your cat scratching the doors, walls, and windows? Take some VapoRub and rub on these areas in your home.

13. Heal Your Cuts & Splinters Faster

If you have cuts or splinters, apply Vicks and it will speed up healing. It will also help in preventing infection.

Applications of Vicks VapoRub

14. Focused Racehorses

Do you know why professional racers apply Vicks under their racehorses’ nostrils?  This helps in keeping their horses from getting attracted by the stench of female ponies. This helps them in remaining focused on the race.

15. Reduce Stretch Marks

It can also be used for reducing your stretch marks. Just apply it on the area and within 2 weeks you will start noticing the results.

16. No More Pets Peeing on the Rugs

Prevent your pet wetting on your costly rug or other important places in your house. Open a bottle of Vicks VapoRub and place it in the important areas.

17. Ease Eczema

It can also help in easing the itching and inflammation associated with eczema.

18. Get Relief from Ear Pain

If you have severe pain in your ear, you can use it to get immediate relief. Apply it on a cotton ball and put it into your ear.

Another method is to warm garlic clove for 10 seconds in the microwave. Apply it on the clove ends and put it in the ear.

19. Healing Athlete’s Feet

Yes, it can be used for healing athlete’s feet. Just apply it two times a day.

20. Eliminate Warts

If you have warts, you can use it to feel better and remove them within 2 weeks. Apply Vicks two times daily and cover using a sock or gauze.
It will give you relief faster. Repeat daily and in 2 weeks the wart will be gone.
20 Surprising Applications of Vicks VapoRub That You Never Knew Of – Via: http://www.healthyfoodstar.com

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