5 Minute Cure With This Japanese Method

All the Japanese have treatment that involves using the fingers which requires five minutes.
According to this treatment each finger is connected with two organs.
This method is a part of ancient Japanese alternative medicine.
It is based on the fingers important points, which helps to balance all the energy in the body.
The treatment is necessary for physical and emotional health of your body.
5 Minute Cure With This Japanese Method – How it works:
To act on a certain organ, you need to take up the respective finger with your other hand and tightly hold it for 5 minutes.
Breath deeply after massaging every finger on your both hands.
In the text below are mentioned the organs and corresponding fingers:

Japanese Method for Health


Organs: Stomach and Spleen-wort
Emotions: Depression, Worriness
Physical symptoms: Nervousness, Stomach pain, Skin problems, Headache

Trigger finger:

Organs: Kidneys and Urinary bladder
Emotions: Confusion, Disappointment, Fear
Physical symptoms: Back pain, Digestion problems, Tooth pain, Muscle pain

Middle finger:

Organs: Yolky bitter, Liver
Emotions: Anger, Irritability, Indetermination
Physical symptoms: Migraine, Menstrual pain, Circulation problems, Fatigue, Frontal headache

Ring finger:

Organs: Lungs, Large intestine
Emotions: Sad, Fear, Negative
Physical symptoms: Asthma, Skin disease, Digestion problems, Respiratory problems


Organs: Heart, Small intestine
Emotions: Nervousness, Absence of self-confidence, Worriness
Physical symptoms: Heart disease, Throat pain, problems with Bones.

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