7 Mistakes Because Of Which You Do Not Have Clean And Soft Skin!

Find out why you don’t have clean & soft skin and which mistakes you make!
Good genes are mandatory and a prerequisite for having beautiful skin, but nurturing the skin and paying attention for the benefit of its good appearance are even more important.
A healthy lifestyle and skin care routine reflect on your skin. You should keep it clean always to avoid problems such as pimples and blackheads.
Beautiful soft, smooth and glowing skin doesn’t come with expensive products or salon treatments.
Whether you’re wrestling with wrinkles, dealing with dry or trying to banish your blemishes, you can do it naturally.

7 Mistakes Because Of Which You Do Not Have Clean And Soft Skin!

If you successfully quit these following habits, you will have beautiful and baby’s skin within only several weeks:

1.You apply the face cream incorrectly

Gently massaging the face, while applying the face cream, is of high importance when it comes to having a beautiful face.

While massaging you also need to pay attention for the massage movements to follow your face’s lines. This process reduces stretching of the skin.

You ought to begin the massaging movements from the middle of the face towards the end of it. Do not make confusing round movements.

2.You apply the cream onto a moist skin

Many women think that applying face cream onto the moist skin will increase the hydration, which is everything but true.

It is advisable to dry the skin using a soft towel, then apply cleansing tonic, then let the skin absorb the tonic and finally to apply the face cream.

Beauty Mistakes

3.Washing the face with too cold or too hot water

Remember to always wash your face with warm or lukewarm water.

Water with this temperature will clean your skin perfectly and will not harm your skin too.

4.You do not use creams with SPF

If you want to have gorgeous skin, using creams with SPF is mandatory.

Dermatologists recommend using cream with SPF 15 even if you are not exposed to the sun.

This goes especially for women who have pale and sensitive skin.

This will reduce the chance of occurrence of wrinkles and freckles.

5.You use products that produce lot of foam

Avoid cleaning products that produce a lot of foam.

If you have dry and highly sensitive skin it is mandatory to use cleansing creams and mineral water, and if you have oily skin you ought to use gently gels that to not produce a lot of foam.

6.You sleep with your face on the pillow

Touching the pillow with your face is not so good habit to have. This way you will stimulate wrinkles occurrence because your skin cannot breathe properly.

7.You use too much makeup (foundation in solid form)

In order to focus their makeup, numerous women have a bad habit of using big quantities of a solid foundation, especially when it is hot outside.
This way, instead of positive, you will have a very negative effect because you are actually closing the skin’s pores.
7 Mistakes Because Of Which You Do Not Have Clean And Soft Skin! – Via: http://www.healthyfoodstar.com, Source: wikihow.com

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