8 Exercises To Tighten Your Butt And Legs (One-Week Plan)

The following one-week plan-exercises will tighten your butt and legs fast and the final results will surprise you!
Squats are absolutely the very best butt workout you can carry out, but to modify the regular and change things up, you need to include some other workouts to lift the backside from all angles.

Exercises To Tighten Your Butt And Legs

Here we offer the 8 best exercises to tighten up the legs and butt- carry out each of them for 15-20 repetitions, in 3-4 sets. They will engage all muscles in the glutes and hence help you to align the butt and get an attractive backside.

Exercises To Tighten Your Butt And Legs

* Side Lunge

  1. Stand with the feet together, and hold dumbbells in the hands.
  2. Then, step the best foot diagonally out to the side, changing the weight to the ideal leg, and keep the other leg straight.
  3. Press through the heel, stand up, and return the best leg to the initial position.
  4. Repeat and switch legs.

* Split Squat

  1. You ought to start 2 feet far from a chair or bench, and with all the weight on the right foot, reach the other foot behind you and place it on the chair.
  2. With the weight still on the front foot, lower into a lunge position.
  3. Press through the front heel to correct the leg to standing, and switch legs.

* Single Leg Deadlift

  1. In a standing position, with the feet together and dumbbells in the hands, shift the weight into the best foot, and with the back straight, hinge at the hips and raise the left leg in order to place the upper body parallelly to the floor.
  2. Press through the heel, engage the hamstring, and correct back up to standing, and switch legs.

* Resistance Band Glute Kick Back

  1. Start onto all fours, and hang on the handles of a resistance band.
  2. Wrap it under the arch of the ideal foot, shift the weight to the left a bit, and push the ideal leg back to become parallel to the flooring.
  3. Change legs and repeat.

* Step Ups

  1. Start about six to twelve inches far from a chair, and put the right foot on it. Pushing through the heel, action onto it, and align the leg.
  2. Then, lower the other foot to the floor.
  3. Change sides and repeat.

* Single Leg Glute Bridge

  1. Resting on the back, with the feet flat on the ground, parallel and hip-distance apart, extend the left leg up to the ceiling, and press the heel with the ideal leg in order to lift the hips up.
  2. Then, lower the hips back down and repeat.

* Resistance Band Hydrants

  1. Either get a workout band loop or connect a resistance band into a circle.
  2. Organize a workout band loop on the thighs, just above the knees, and begin onto all fours on the mat.
  3. Shift the body weight into the left side, and with the help of the kidnappers (outer thigh muscles) raise the best knee a couple of inches off the ground and out to the side.
  4. Repeat and switch sides.

* Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

  1. Lower down to the mat, lay on the back, with the feet on a stability ball, and stretch the legs out, Lift the hips into a plank position, dig the heels into the ball, roll it towards the glutes and raise the hips higher.
  2. They must be lined up with the knees and the shoulders.

8 Exercises To Tighten Your Butt And Legs

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