Best Way To Get Rid Of Dark Age Spots On Your Hands

Nothing says “welcome to middle age” like dark age spots!
They give your age away at first handshake and seem to multiply in record time.
We pay a lot of attention to our face but often neglect our hands.
We apply different kinds of creams and sunscreen on the face but skip the hands completely which is why a lot of us might have dark spots or patches on our hands.
More often than not, the culprit behind hyper-pigmentation is sun exposure.


There are several causes for dark brown spots on your hands, not all of which have to do with a vitamin deficiency.

It may be due to a lack of vitamin C or B12, anemia, weak liver function or cumulative sun damage.

If your brown spots are indeed caused by a lack of essential nutrients, add a vitamin supplement to your daily routine.

Also you can increase the amount of fruits and veggies you eat-prime natural sources for a host of all-important vitamins and minerals.

Sometimes age spots are caused by years of exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun, and using a tanning bed can also contribute to the development of age spots.

The pigment in the upper layer of the skin that gives your skin its normal color is called melanin.

They appear on areas of the skin that have had frequent and prolonged sun exposure because the melanin is produced in particularly high concentrations.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Dark Age Spots On Your Hands

Today we are sharing effective dark age spot skin treatment to lighten brown and get rid of age spots.

It will help you get flawless and beautiful skin on your hands without dark spots or patches.

Get Rid Of Dark Age Spots


  1. Take one fresh Onion and dice it.
  2. Pulverize it using a mortar and pestle.
  3. Put the liquefied onion into a blender.
  4. Add in the Apple Cider Vinegar and blend.
  5. Use a cotton ball to apply the remedy to your age spots.

You’ll want to stick with organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar for the mix. And don’t forget to use a natural sunscreen!

Note: True age spots are harmless, but if you notice spots that have changed in appearance, check in with a doctor, because it may be a sign of melanoma. Visit a healthadvisor if you notice that your age spots:

-Is darkly pigmented
-Is rapidly increasing in size
-Has an irregular border
-Has an unusual combination of colors.
-Is accompanied by itching, redness, tenderness or bleeding.
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