Eating These 7 Foods Will Defeat Cancer Development

One medical portal claims that these 7 foods act against tumor cells and defeat cancer development.
You don’t need to be hungry as these are commonly used and very tasty foods.
Scientists are also sure that these amazing foods are more effective than chemo. What is their hidden power? Read more and find out!


There is a simple explanation-they prevent the blood supply to tumor cells and have anti-angiogenesis properties. Angiogenesis is a process in which blood vessels are formed in the body.

In some periods of life, this process is activated- in newborn babies for example while in adults this process is activated in rare occasions- when the person is wounded and tissues and capillaries need to be restored.

Usually, the inhibitors are dominant but sometimes the activators of and angiogenesis are triggered which stimulate the vascular cell growth so new blood vessels could be formed. With this process, the tumor cells are also supplied with nutrients and they spread through the blood. That is why they need more and more blood vessels. So, they stimulate the process of angiogenesis.

It is proven that tumor cells release the activators of angiogenesis. Their molecules cheat the body to create new blood vessels which will help in supplying the tumor cells with nutrients and oxygen.

There are common medicines which act as inhibitors of angiogenesis, which unlike chemotherapy, do not attack the healthy cells. They just prevent the formation of blood vessels. The important question is: How you can act against cancer? We can do it but choosing the right food which will stop the growth of tumors in their early stage.

7 Foods That Will Defeat Cancer Development

Eating These 7 Foods You Will Defeat Cancer Permanently


One Harvard study has shown that men who consumed cooked tomatoes or tomato sauce more than 4 times a month had 50% reduced risk of getting prostate cancer.

Tomatoes contain lycopene which has anti-angiogenic properties. Unlike vitamin C, the amount of lycopene in tomato increases when it is processed under high temperature or cooked with oil.

The meals with curry contain another useful substance: Turmeric – spice which melts fat and is extremely healthy

#Red Wine

Grape skin contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant which is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is confirmed that it:

  • kills bacteria
  • prevents cancer
  • increases life-span in animals
  • removes dangerous free radicals
  • improves heart function
  • acts against fungi and viruses
  • boosts energy
  • it improves mental, physical health and improves concentration
  • repairs damaged DNA caused by radiation etc.

225 ml of red wine contains approximately 640 mcg of resveratrol. Resveratrol supplements are usually combined with grape extract or other antioxidant and are taken in doses of 200-600 every day. Studies have confirmed that Pinot Noir and Bordeaux contain the most of this substance.

#Coffee and Green Tea

Two favorite drinks also act as chemotherapy.

#Blueberries and Raspberries

They are of a dark color which is due to phytochemicals that are known to protect against various cancers. They prevent the process of angiogenesis and reduce the oxidative stress. They are especially effective against ovarian cancer.

#Dark Chocolate

If you want to consume something sweet and healthy, then dark chocolate is the right choice as it is healthy and good for cardiovascular health, good mood and at the same time acts against bad cells.
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