Finally…Tricks For Hair Care They Are Really Effective

Anyone who has grown their hair out knows the struggle of waiting patiently for longer locks.
Unfortunately, you can’t will your hair to grow faster, but there are tips to ensure that your hair grows longer and healthier.
The key to long hair is taking care of it properly so you don’t have any damage or weak strands, so it’s important to know the numerous things you can do to get the tresses you deserve.
Heed about diet and eat healthy, enhance circulation, maintain your hair with regular washing, cut your hair regularly, regardless of the length, use brushes and combs that will not tear your hair, use chemicals and shampoos but treat your hair at home with natural packaging…
To make your hair healthy and shiny you should  follow these guidelines.

Tricks For Hair Care They Are Really Effective:

For all hair types

After washing with shampoo Pour a little vinegar in the rinse water. So surely will return the shine to the hair guaranteed!

Packing for strengthening hair

Bovine bone marrow is heated in a crucible steam to melt. Then mixed with a few drops of olive oil and rum. Then with this mixture massage the root hair.

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Packing for dry hair

Mix two egg yolks with one tablespoon of castor oil and one tablespoon of rum. The mixture moisten the hair so you need to massage the root. Eventually collect hair and tie it with a scarf and leave on for 45 min.

Lotion for oily hair

One hand and a few condiments lettuce leaves are placed in 1.5 deciliters boiling water. Allow to simmer 15 min, and then the lotion already cooled wet your hair. After 15 minutes rinse.

Packing to enhance the resiliency of the hair

Mix 2 tablespoons almond oil with a little lemon juice and an egg, so with that mixture moisten the hair. After half an hour wash it with lukewarm water.

8 tablespoons olive oil mixed with the juice of half a lemon and one egg. Well-mixed mixture spread on hair and leave for half an hour to act.

Before washing the hair moisten it with castor oil. Wrap hair with a towel that you’ve plunged into boiling water. It keeps half an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo from herbs.

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Lotion for tired hair

  • Peel and mash 50 grams. horse chestnut, boil for 15 minutes in 1 liter of water and put the elixir to wet hair.
  • Mix 150gr nettle root, rosemary leaf from 50g, root of uncle and 25 g basil. A spoonful of this mixture is poured into 2 deciliters wine vinegar and boil for 10 min. With the cold lotion massage your head.

Herbal liquid for dry hair

Mix 10 g of rosemary, sage and thyme with a tablespoon of olive oil. The mixture is placed in 2 deciliters water and leave to simmer for about 2 minutes. Once cool, drain and place in a dark bottle while tightly. Moisten the hair before rinsing.

 Packing for dry hair for pregnant

  • Heat olive or coconut oil and rub well into the crown of the head. Then wrap your head in a warm towel or plastic cap for bath and leave for 45 minutes. The head then wash with a mild shampoo and leave your hair to dry naturally.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons lanolin, half a teaspoon of coconut oil and 3 tablespoons olive oil. Melt these ingredients over low heat, then add half a cup of water and one cup of vinegar, glycerin and children’s shampoo. The cold mixture is applied to the hair and scalp and allowed to act for about an hour. Then wrap your head with a towel and later heat it with a hairdryer.

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Herbal fluid against hair loss

Mix dry chopped nettle, birch leaf and flowers of chamomile. One arm of this mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water and boil for 2 minutes and then strain. This fluid is used for rinsing immediately after we wash hair.

 Lotions against daily hair loss

5 grams of sage and uncle are well mixed and boiled for 10 minutes in 3 ounces of water. With fluid massage the crown of the head ten minutes.

Massage the hair roots with juice of onion.

Mix castor oil and rum and then massage the scalp. Lie down and wrap your head with a towel. In the morning instead of washing with shampoo ,wash your hair with the egg first and then with a mild shampoo  for children.

Natural shampoo against dandruff

Boil 5 roots (medium size) chopped celery cubes in a liter of water. After the water is  cool , rinse thoroughly. Dandruff will disappear gradually.

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Finally…Tricks For Hair Care They Are Really Effective!