Find Out When Food Becomes Your Night Comfort

People who suffer from this syndrome during the day eat less than the recommended amount.
And most of the calories are salty and sweet foods witch we take them in the evening.
Why the syndrome occurs?
It’s seems that important role has genetic factor, combined with irregular eating habits and emotional dissatisfaction.
Recent studies also discovered and hormonal basis for this condition (or low levels of the hormone melatonin  and high level of cortisol).

Find Out When Food Becomes Your Night Comfort

Night eating sindrome  it’ s not only eating disorder but also concerns the psychological health. Patients can be of any age but most commonly affects women aged 25 -40, although men are no exception.

Also people that eat at night suffer from insomnia, so they wake up 3-4 times at night to supplement their emptiness.

Usually eat salty and sweet snacks full of carbohydrates, sugar and fats.

When Food Becomes Your Night Comfort


Experts says that it is very important to have:

1. BREAKFAST every morning which consists: Cereals, Milk products, Eggs, Integral bread.

2. LUNCH should not be skipped and to be rich with vegetables and cereals.

3. DINNER meat, fish, brown rise, potatoes wholegrain pasta.

Note: Before bed time is good to drink a glass of hot milk, turmeric golden drink and cocoa.

Once you change eating habits, specified on regularly consumed vitamin C and B , follic acid , B 6,can be observed improvement.

When to seek help!?

Although change eating habits, you still think of food and only food…etc….

You can’t  improve the level of energy and mood during the day and  you noticed that your sleep quality is not better.

Also if  a person is depressed it is best to seek professional help.

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