Foods Against Christmas Depression

Around the Holidays, despite the close and pleasant emotions, sometimes it happens that you are in a bad mood, Christmas depression, euphoria or unpleasant emotions.
Reasons for the so-called festive Christmas holiday depression is different:
lack of time, cumulative  schedule of work, homework over holidays, short winter days, food commodities and gifts to buy for your loved ones…

Anxiety & Depression can also result in a variety of physical symptoms. These include breathing difficulties or shortness of breath, cold flashes, increased heart rate, perspiration, dry mouth, fatigue, irritability…
It can easily be changed with a few selected lucky food.

Foods Against Christmas Depression

Enhance your mood so that you can enjoy some food such as some fruits, vegetables and sweets. Scientists discover a few dishes that successfully fight the bad mood.

Foods Against Christmas Depression

Dark chocolate

If you decide to sweeten choose dark chocolate instead of milk , it has many more useful ingredients that stimulate the production of hormone of happiness, 3-4 blocks it’s enough to improve your mood.


Honey replace sugar in the morning coffee with honey. Honey contains easily digestible sugars that will not get to feel fed and is also doing miracles with fatigue.


Spinach contains magnesium which has been, It has been proven that positively affect of good mood.


If you are depressed and moody eat one banana, it contains the amine acid tryptophan which is characteristic of anti depressive, also contains potassium which is very important for the body.


Asparagus is not exactly popular food but it is good to know that contains folic acid and triptofin that are great for improving mood.


Fish contains proteins useful for the body, and also amine acids that help to increase dopamine in the brain, he is a hormone that directly connected with the energy and hence a good mood.


Eggs is the food of our everyday lives for that you need to know that affect your mood and they contain zinc, vitamin C, protein and omega 3 fatty acids.


Bean is one of the mandatory products of each New Year and Christmas dinner, it has carbohydrates. Studies show a high input of carbohydrates and serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a substance of so-called pleasure.

The BEST Juice Recipe Against Depression:


  • 2 Green Apples
    4 stalks Celery
    6 bundles Kale
    1/2 Lemon
    1 Cucumber
    thumb-size piece of Ginger root

Instructions: Juice ingredients together and enjoy!

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