Here Is How To Deal With Ingrown Nail – Completely Natural Solution!

Every fifth person has to deal with the problem of ingrown nail, which is pretty unpleasant, and painful occurrence.
Ingrown nail mainly occurs as a result of clipping the toenail wrong.
The right way to clip the nails is flat, never rounded at the edges.
An ingrown toenail is a condition in which the edges of the nail have grown into the skin surrounding the toe.
Usually, this happens on the nail of the big toe on the feet, on one or on both sides.

It can occur when a deformed toenail grows irregularly in the skin around the nail or when the skin around the nail grows faster and covers the edges of the nail.

The most common cause for ingrown nail occurrence is wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes.

An ingrown nail can show no symptoms at the beginning. However, later on, the area around the ingrown nail can become very painful, especially is there is constant pressure applied onto the affected area.

The area around the ingrown nail is usually red, with increased temperature and if it is not treated in time it can complicate things are “evolve” into the infection.

Once the area is infected, later it is will start to fester. The pus may be accumulated under the skin beside the nail. If the ingrown toenail caused infection, you will soon start to feel pain and discomfort in the foot while moving or standing.

When it comes to this condition, doctors recommend removing of the affected nail. The procedure is done under anesthesia, but the healing process takes very long time.

Because of this, you should make going to the doctor your last option. Instead, try dealing with this problem naturally, and we will now give you several ways through which you can achieve doing so.

Here Is How To Deal With Ingrown Nail – Completely Natural Solution!

How To Deal With Ingrown Nail

Hot water

Soak the affected toe in the hot water so the nail can soften a bit. Once the nail has softened, use a sterile needle to lift the nail which grows under the skin and then put a piece of wadding beneath it.

This will help the nail grow normally. Remember to change the piece of wadding on a daily basis.

Lemon coating

Tie a piece of fresh lemon around the affected toe and leave it to act as it is throughout the night. Lemon acts as a softener.

Once the nail will become sufficiently soft for you to be able to take it out of the flesh, clip that part of the nail and put a small piece of sterile gauze under the fingernail so it can be separated from the skin until it grows.

Change the piece of gauze on a daily basis.

Flax seed flour coatings

Prepare a porridge made of flax seed flour and hot water. Put some of the resulting mixtures onto a piece of gauze, wrap the gauze around the nail and let the remedy act throughout the night.

Tomato coating

This coating is great if the area around the affected toenail has festered. Place a piece of tomato onto the affected area. Practice doing this until the swelling withdraws.

Horsetail toe-bath

Prepare horsetail tea and let it stand still, while covered with lid, for several hours before you strain it. Before usage, heat the tea and soak the affected toenail into the tea. Hold it like that for not more than half an hour.

Nurturing the ingrown nail after it has festered

Prepare flour – honey mixture, put some of it onto a piece of gauze and wrap the gauze around the affected area. Once you remove the gauze, make sure to wash the toenail with chamomile tea.
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