How To Cure Herniated Disc Naturally

Disc herniation is a disorder of the spine which usually occurs between the thirties and fifties.
Between the vertebrae of the spine, there is an elastic disc-shaped body which is some kind of buffers of the spine. They are elastic and allow function without any problems.
But as any other tissue, with aging, it becomes less functional or becomes elastic.
After ending your 30ties, these disks are less elastic and in more than 30% of people, indulgences are occurring. When these discs will start spilling, a condition under the name herniated disc is happening.

After this disc spilling, the normal form and function of vertebrae are commuted. The disc is pushing the vessels and nerves that exist in the spinal cord.

Herniated disc occurs in any part of the spine but almost 90% occurs in the lumbar (the cross) part of the body, 9% in the cervical (neck) and 1% in other parts of the body.

Which are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

  • Pain in the knee or around it
  • Tingling or pain in the leaves
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Poor control of foot
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Tingling or pain that goes down through the leg
  • Keeping the body distorted
  • Tingling in the feet – burning
  • Weak control of urination
  • Pain in during pockets with the body (body stretching, moving, bending, rotation)
  • Feeling cold in feet
  • Pain in the gluteal region

In the case of contact with the spinal cord, problems with the whole body are appearing. Besides heredity, herniated disc can be caused by excessive workload and insufficient relief of the spine.

Also, risk factors can be the years, actually the loss of elasticity in the tissue, also incorrect and unnatural position of the spine. Lifting heavy objects in older age is also another great risk of herniated disc.

Cure Herniated Disc Naturally

How To Cure Herniated Disc Naturally

In a case of increased symptoms, disc herniation must be operated. But is not easy to go “under knife” so before that maybe you should try with natural treatments.

Treatment of herniated disc:

* Take a medium- sized potato and cut it into circles, coat the painful spots with it.

* Also, instead you can fry few garlic gloves (which you previously knead) and

* Place the hot mixture on the painful spots and hold them for 3 hours.

Note: It is recommended to consume Calcium and Magnesium, B complex vitamins which help in the regeneration of damaged nerves.
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