How To Highlight Your Hair Completely Naturally and Avoid Damaging – The Results are Amazing!?

Highlighted hair is one of the newest hair trends, and it can refresh your look.
This interesting new way can be the change you wanted to do for so long.
However, if you can do it completely naturally and avoid damaging it, it would be the perfect variant!
Moreover, you can avoid spending a ton of money in hair salons thus!

How To Highlight Your Hair Completely Naturally and Avoid Damaging!?

Homemade lightening is much less expensive than buying highlighter in the store and you can use it more than once because there are no chemicals to cause dry and brittle hair.

Today we will reveal some remarkable natural ways to highlight your hair, and they consist of ingredients that are already in your kitchen!

These recipes are uses all natural ingredients so there is no damage to your hair.

How To Highlight Your Hair Completely Naturally


Lighten your darker hair with this aromatic spice, as it will give it a warm, lighter shade without an orange glow. In order to enjoy its effects, do the following:

* Wash your hair with shampoo and

* Put some extra conditioner and rinse.

* Your hair is still wet apply a mixture of powdered cinnamon and warm water.

* Rub the mixture in nicely and cover your hair with a shower cap.

* You can leave the mixture on your hair as long as you like, but the longer, the better.

Moreover, you can repeat this procedure as many times as you like, since cinnamon is one of the safest ways to highlight the hair.

Olive oil

You may know that olive oil is a fabulous hair conditioner but many people don’t realize it can be used as a natural hair lightener too.

* Comb a generous amount of olive oil through your hair.

* Spend about an hour in the sun and then wash out the oil.

* Your hair will not only be naturally highlighted, it will be moisturized too!

* Repeat three days a week until you achieve the desired highlights.


Chamomile is a great ally when it comes to female beauty and care, and it can definitely lighten up your hair, but it will nourish it as well.

* Make a strong chamomile tea and leave it to cool off, and then

* Apply it on your entire hair or on some hair strands, as you prefer.

* You will need to leave your hair dry out naturally in the sun or at room temperature.


Due to the fact that it contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and gives moisture to your hair at the same time, honey is perfect for highlighting your hair.

Yet, in order to make it easier for application, and to wash it off easier afterwards, remember to dissolve it in some water or vinegar, as it is quite sticky.

* Mix honey and water or vinegar and apply it on your hair.

* If you want to lighten the whole hair, apply it on your entire length.

* Otherwise, apply the mixture where you want to lighten it up.

* Put a shower cap on and leave it in through the night.

* The next morning, rinse and wash your hair as usually.


Lemon is undoubtedly the most popular way to highlight your hair, due to the citrus acid, which can significantly lighten the hair, and it has in abundance.

* All you need to do is to:

* Mix ¼ cup of warm water with

* 1 cup of lemon juice and

* Put the mix in a spray pump bottle.

* Then, spray your entire hair or just the strand you want to highlight and leave it on for a while, or sit outside in the sun, for best results.

Nevertheless, as lemon juice dries out the hair, so add some conditioner or hair oil in the mix in case you have a dry hair.


Light colored beer, such as Corona, is great for adding natural sun-kissed highlights to your hair.

* Get a six-pack of beer and empty four of the bottles into a basin.

* Saturate you hair in the beer and then head outside.

* About an hour later, rinse out your hair with cool water.

* Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner and style as usual.

* Repeat 2-3 times a week.

Things to Consider:

– If your hair is dyed a darker colour (like red or black), these processes may not work as the mixtures must first work through the dye and then your hair.
– You may have to strip the colour out of your hair first or wait for it to fade.
– Changes in your hair are normally gradual when using these natural methods. You must continue with frequent applications.
– Use the sun. Direct sunlight will speed up the processes with all of these methods. You can go for a walk or even lie outside, but, be sure to always use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 40 and above.
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