How To Lose Belly Fat Fast but Healthy with Prunes!? (Recipe)

The regular consumption of this tasty prunes breakfast will help you eliminate toxins from your body and cleanse your bowels. It efficiently burns fat, normalizes your weight and solves the issue of lazy bowels and constipation. After a month of consumption, this healthy mix can help you lose 6-10 pounds excess weight, mostly in your abdominal area.

This prunes recipe contains vitamins and minerals that improve your skin and hair appearance, normalize your metabolism and strengthen your body, and not only that, but your skin, hair, and nails will become healthier and more beautiful, and your belly will slowly melt away.
Even nutritionists recommend this for breakfast to people who want to lose belly fat!

Lose Belly Fat Fast but Healthy with Prunes!?


  • 300ml of Kefir (or low-fat yogurt)
  • 2 tbsp. Oatmeal
  • 1 tsp ground Flaxseed
  • 1 tsp Cocoa powder
  • 5-7 fleshy Prunes


1. You prepare your breakfast in the evening for the next day.
2. Pour some boiling water (about 100ml) over the prunes.
3. Cover and leave for 5-10 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, put the oat flakes, crushed flaxseed, and cocoa in a bowl.
5. Add the kefir and stir well.
6. Chop the prunes finely or blend them until you get a puree.
7. Add this to the kefir mixture.
8. Mix well and leave in the fridge.

 Lose Belly Fat Fast with Prunes


  • In the morning, take it out of the fridge and enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast.
  • Results will soon be visible.
  • You may experience some ‘strange’ feeling in your stomach the first day, but this will soon pass.
  • Your digestive system will start working like a clock.

After consuming this healthy mix for a month, you will easily lose 6-10 pounds excess weight, mostly in your abdominal area.

Beyond the benefits to your digestive tract, and the fact that they offer a sweet hit for only 30 calories, plums and prunes have many other wonderful health properties.

Benefits of Prunes for Weight Loss:

Dried prunes, or plums, contain many nutrients that can contribute to good health. They are a good source of energy and don’t give rise to a rapid hike in blood sugar concentration. This is possibly due to their high fiber, fructose, and sorbitol content.
While prune juice does not contain the same amount of beneficial fiber as the whole fruit, it still contains a significant amount of fiber and the vitamins and minerals that the whole fruit provides.
Prunes are loaded with fiber, so it makes sense that the study subjects who ate them daily reported higher feelings of fullness.
A new study presented at the European Congress on Obesity suggests that these dried plums can play a big role in keeping pounds off long-term.

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