How To Prevent Premature Aging and Wrinkling Of The Neck?!

We all know what happens as we age – we produce less collagen so our skin becomes less firm and plump. Women produce less estrogen, which has an impact on cellular activity and wrinkles happen due to the loss of skin elasticity.
We often neglect the skin on our neck and chest but it is as delicate as the skin on our face – if not more so. All women are aware their neck gives away their years. But is there any way to prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the neck?

Prevent Premature Aging and Wrinkling!

First of all, you need to remember the following rule: All nutritional and toning masks, which you apply on your face, should also be applied to the neck as well.

Constant folding of the skin from repetitive motion has played a role in the aging neck. Aesthetic concerns associated with that include skin laxity, creepiness, double chin, and wrinkles.

1. Prevent and Fix Wrinkles in the Following Way:

  1. The first thing to do is wipe your neck using almond oil.
  2. After that, massage the neck from the chin down, with cotton wool soaked in a mixture made of water and salt.
  3. Do circle-motions while massaging.
  4. Once you are done massaging, apply coating made of curd and water, in ratio 1:1.
  5. Finally, apply cream with high nutrient value by massaging until your skin absorbs it.

 2. Nutrient Coating:

  1. Cook one big potato, peel it and mash it.
  2. Next, mix the mashed potato with 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.
  3. Take a piece of fabric, apply the resulting nutritional mixture onto it and apply it on your neck. Fix the fabric suing plastic bag, plastic foil, scarf or headscarf.
  4. Let the coating act for half an hour or so.

Wrinkling Of The Neck

3. Gymnastics for Strengthening Neck Muscles:

  1. Move your head gently from right to left, and then in the opposite direction.
  2. Close your mouth tightly, firmly press the tongue on the upper part of your oral cavity and apply pressure as much as you can. Finally, relax.
  3. Sit upright, sharp turn your head to the right, then straightforward, then to the left.
  4. Pull your head forward and pull the neck as well, but vertically.
  5. Sit in front of the mirror, relax the corners of your lips down and then tense the neck muscles.

4. Five Exercises to Prevent Turkey Neck:

  1. Jut out your chin and move your lower jaw forward. Repeat ten times.
  2. Look straight ahead. Now look up at the ceiling and hold for five seconds. Slowly return to your starting position. Repeat 20 times.
  3. Form an ‘O’ with your mouth. Pull down the sides of your mouth until you feel the muscles underneath your neck working. Repeat this three times in quick succession. Build up to 20 sets of threes.
  4. Press the tip of your tongue against your palate for a few seconds and release. Do this throughout the day. Make circles with your tongue when your mouth is closed, first in one direction then the other. Repeat often.

How To Prevent Premature Aging and Wrinkling Of The Neck!

Note: Preventing the turkey neck look isn’t just about the surface of your skin but what you do to your body, both day and night. From choosing the right pillow, drinking enough water through to picking the right supplements and foods, we’ve also had a look at the best ways to prevent wrinkles.

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