How To Treat Naturally Water In The Knee And Eliminate Pain!?

Water on the Knee is also known as Knee Effusion which means there is fluid accumulation around the knee joint. These days, many people complain of knee pain too often. This issue can be caused by many different factors and reasons. In general, pain is experienced as an aching feeling or as a fire sensation.
Joints are composed of small amounts of fluids which are necessary for proper functioning. Normal fluid in and around the knee is usually not noticeable.

The excessive amount of liquid is problematic because it disturbs the normal functions and causes many painful symptoms. Swelling can be caused by an injury to the ligaments, meniscus, or the tendons.

Numerous other factors are important such as overuse of the knees or suffering from arthritis. The swelling may either affect the knee joint or the surrounding tissue and the latter condition is known as – fluid or water in your knee.

Treat Naturally Water In The Knee and Eliminate Pain!?

In this article, we’re going to present you a natural remedy that can help you. If you’re diagnosed with a swollen knee, the best thing is to turn to natural remedies.

How To Treat Naturally Water In The Knee And Eliminate Pain!?

Here’s one of the Best All Natural Homemade Remedy!


  • Fresh Egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon of Salt


  1. Mix the egg yolk with the salt and apply this mixture to your affected knee.
  2. Cover it with a nylon or cellophane and secure with a bandage.
  3. Change fresh coating on every two hours!
  4. On a daily basis, you will need 5 coverings.
  5. You’ll notice that the water in your knee will soon start to disappear!

NOTE: Consult your doctor immediately if your situation doesn’t improve!

Other Effective Tricks That Can Help You:

1. Applying an Ice pack on every 10 minutes is very effective at reducing knee swelling.

2. Leg elevation is also very helpful!

  • Elevate the affected leg to let the accumulated fluid to distribute naturally over the knee cavity.
  • When you are lying on your bed, place two pillows under the affected leg.

3. Quit smoking – this habit reduces the flow of blood and oxygen in the body, which in turn reduces tissue`s ability to repair itself.

4. ACV – To reduce the swelling:

5. Arnica – It helps cure cartilage, connect tissues and bones. It can be taken as a tablet or in the form of tincture.

  • Place arnica ointment on swollen knees twice a day to get rid of the redness.

Some Steps To Prevent this Condition are:

* Regular follow-ups with the treating physician in cases of a chronic joint abnormality like osteoarthritis or gout.
* Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the knee and thighs so that they are able to support the knee better.
* In case of being overweight, a regular weight loss program is beneficial.

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