Internet Is The New Age Drug

The first indicator that something is wrong with you is when the excessive use of internet endangers your normal operation.
Rarely socializing with friends, poor grades in school, frequent quarrels with family members and friends, criticism from your boss because you spend a lot of time on Facebook and other social media…Should be our ALARM!
Today, this is classified as a new ‘addictive behavior disorder’.
Addictive use of the internet is an emergent phenomenon that many people are unaware of, and consequently, unprepared to treat.
Those who are unfamiliar with the internet do not understand its seduction and subsequent addiction.

Internet Is The New Age Drug

Current studies show that these addictions act on the human brain circuits the same way as an addictive drug affects the brain.  Patients experience symptoms of ‘withdrawal’ when gaming ceases.


When you should  seek help?

The drugs of the new time as online lottery games, porn sites,video games, gambling etc, should not be treated as medical disorders, but experts warn that these dependencies can cause negative effects, just like using psychoactive substances.

An addiction is a condition that you can’t control. Unlike chemical dependencies, that are extreme and are a consequence of the use of chemical products, non chemical dependencies are a consequence of a lifestyle.

Experts say the difference between chemical and non chemical addiction is that addicts accept harder that there is a problem.


Psychologists explain that addicts are so preoccupied with the subject of addiction that those persons actually fail to perform their daily duties. The addicts often experience feelings such as pleasure, happiness and a sense that they govern the situation.

They are the people who never accepted themselves as they are or had an unfortunate incident that they could not have avoided, so the virtual world for them is an ideal place where there are no obstacles towards achieving their dreams in the real world.


Fight or Denial

When addicts would feel that they are threatened, their instinct tells them to defend or to escape.There are addicts who will say that they are going to visit friend but actually they will go to nearest internet cafe. Some of them might have family quarrels about their addiction, but still they will continue to indulge it no matter what others think.

Psychologists say that for all types of addiction, there are two main features: lying and manipulating. After a while addicts begin to believe the lies they tell. To recognize the problem it is very important to understand that their behavior bothers the family, the neighbors, the boss and the people around. When addicts are able to realize that, then the road to recovery will be much shorter and easier.

 Addicted to work

There are people who are addicted to work, they work so hard and that their behavior is neurotic . So often they say that if they want money they must work hard. Psychologists believe that success is a serious opiate, which very difficult to explain it to someone who is successful and spends 20 hours a day at work.


Psychologists offer no solution against this, but very few people visit a psychologist because of this problem. Solutions that offer results are:

Developing communication skills and a serious commitment to establishing one’s own identity. The support of the family is crucial during therapy if you want to go one step to better condition.

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