Just Do This and You Will Not Lose a Single Hair During Wash

Why do we lose much hair during wash!?
A good scalp massage and shampoo removes dirt, debris, excess oils, styling product and loose hair.
Those with long hair appear to lose more hair during and immediately after shampooing because long strands of hair are easier to spot than short hairs.
However visual and upsetting the loss may be, most hair loss associated with shampooing is normal.
Brushing and shampooing releases all of the shed hairs at one time, which may lead you to believe that your hair is falling out when you wash it.
It is a common problem and many girls who don’t wash their hair frequently because they are afraid of too much hair loss.
If you are also suffering from this problem, we have a solution for you, and results were visible after just one use.

Just Do This and You Will Not Lose a Single Hair During Wash

For this you need:

Castor oil

Castor oil can be used on the scalp to help prevent and remedy hair loss and it is effective at this for several reasons.

It’s antibacterial and anti fungal properties make it beneficial against follliculitus, dandruff and scalp infections and its ricinoleic acid content helps increase circulation to the scalp and improve growth.

(It is very good for both skin and hair but because of its thickness you can not apply it directly. So you need something to mix in this)

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is rich in anti-microbial properties, lauric acid, and medium-chain fatty acids that strengthen hair, condition the scalp, and help to regrow.

Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, protecting it against environmental impurities and excess heat.

The natural antioxidants and nutrients (vitamin E, vitamin K and iron) found in coconut oil boosts growth and regrowth.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is a rich store of antioxidants, essential alpha fatty acids, and multiple vitamins like A, D, E, and K, and minerals. It is an excellent conditioner.

It contains the essential alpha fatty acids, which help to condition the hair generously. Hydrating is important to foster hair growth and thickness as well.

Massaging scalp with mustard oil is beneficial for the scalp. It boosts blood circulation and helps hair growth thereby. Mustard oil is also an excellent hair stimulant.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves can treat damaged hair, reduce fall, prevent premature graying and thinning.

Curry leaves constitute a combination of essential nutrients required for the growth of hair. They are rich in antioxidants and amino acids which are capable of reducing hair loss, and stimulate hair growth.

They help in preventing the hair strands from thinning by means of strengthening hair follicles. Curry leaves are also a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins. Beta carotene limits hair loss while the presence of proteins prevents hair thinning.


There have been many scientific studies performed on hair loss, hair growth, and the natural remedies that are beneficial to both.

It has been shown in many various studies that onion juice and consuming onions is absolutely beneficial in preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth.

Onion juice increases the strength of the hair and prevents thinning and breakage. You can achieve improved volume by regularly applying the onion juice on the scalp.

Do This and You Will Not Lose a Single Hair During Wash

Procedure & Directions:

Add all 3 oils – Castor, Coconut, Mustard oil, in equal amount

Then add some Curry leaves in this oil

Add 1 Onion

Put it on medium flame and let it boil for few minutes

Not turn off the flame and let it cool

Now filter this oil and it is ready for use

Apply it on your scalp and leave it overnight

Wash your hair next morning and you can see results yourself.

NOTE: Every hair has a life-span, and when that hair has reached the end of its life, the easiest thing will cause it to fall out.  This includes soaking it in warm water (as in, washing your hair).

But if you didn’t ever wash or brush, the hairs that reached the end of their life, would still fall out eventually.

You can test this theory, by washing your hair every day, and counting up how many hairs you get.  Then skip washing for a week, and see that you get rather more hairs falling out, but not a full multiple of the one day number.

This is because more hairs didn’t come out because they weren’t washed, so were still hanging on (more hairs) but also, plenty of hairs fell out during the day and night just because it was their time (not quite the full multiple).
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