Just Try These Awesome Natural Masks And You Will Be Surprised

Here in this article we offer really simple DIY face and hair masks that have become very popular among honey enthusiasts.
The steps and ingredients involved in each mask are so easy that you can prepare it in a few minutes.
Pick one that suits your skin type and you are on your way to discovering many benefits of honey for your skin!
Before you treat your hair well,try this excellent mask for your face and you will be very satisfied.
I know that almost every woman knows that we can use yogurt to make our skin look young, silky, fresh and pretty.
Yogurt and honey for skin has been used in the past.
We can mix yogurt with lemon, ginger, it doesn’t mater what type of skin you have.

Just Try These Awesome Natural Masks And You Will Be Surprised

Calming Yogurt Face Mask

  • 1/2 of plain Yogurt
    2  tablespoons Aloe Vera
    1 tablespoon Honey
    ½ peeled Cucumber
    A  few drop of Chamomile oil
  • Mix everything in a blender and leave on face for 10-15 min.

For All Skin Types: Honey and Lavender Facial Mask

  • 1 tablespoon raw Honey
    3 drops Lavender essential oil
  • Mix the ingredients, dampen your face with warm water, and smooth on the honey and lavender mixture. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water.


No more damaged hair

A natural hair mask greatly improves the overall quality and appearance of your scalp and strands.

Environment pollution, sun exposure, chlorinated water, excessive shampooing and styling your hair can damage your hair more than what you’ve expected.

To restore the lost shine and luster, we try out different commercial products available in stores.

No matter how long is your hair or what type, this is one of the best revitalizing masks.

Yogurt, Honey & Olive Oil Hair Mask

When you mix it with a little yogurt and olive oil, it’s an important component to helping get your hair back in shape.

  • 1 tsp Olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • ¼ cup Yogurt
  • Mix the ingredients well. Apply to damp hair, and allow to sit for 15-2o minutes. Rinse and wash your hair, and allow to dry as normal.

Almond Milk and Coconut Oil Hair Mask:

In a quest for luxurious hair locks most people spend hundreds of dollars buying expensive shampoos. It is just because many of us are unaware of the fact that one of the best hair products is available on the shelf of our favorite grocery store. Almonds are one of the amazing products when it comes to hair care. Try this mask to experience that salon affect you probably missed out.

  •  4- 5 tbsps. Almond Milk
  • 3- 4 tbsps. Egg white
  •  1-2 tbsps. Coconut Oil
  • Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl and gently apply it on your hair with brush. If applied overnight, it is the best remedy for those with dry hair. Wash off with cold water and mild shampoo. Use it thrice a week and if your hair is badly damaged a daily use for 8 to 10 days improves your hair condition. You can continue using it twice or thrice a week until you get the required results.

Learn how to apply hair mask correctly!

  1. It is very important to use the right product to repair and nurture the hair from the roots to the ends,whether you have colored, fragile or damaged hair.
  2. A hair mask should be apply to washed and towel dried hair.
  3. Spread the cream throughout your hair, massage with your fingers and cover your head with hot towel for at least 15 min.
  4. Then wash your hair with cold water.


How often you should use a hair mask it depends of your hair type:

We should use hair mask almost every time we wash our hair but once a week is OK.

If you have very damaged or dry hair we advise you to apply a hair mask and leave it on overnight wrapped in a towel.

In the morning your hair will be soft, silky and shiny.

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