Ketogenic Diet Starves Cancer, Reverses Diabetes and Makes You Lose Weight Fast

How can we finally convince the general population that Ketogenic Diet is low in fats or stripped of fats is seriously detrimental to our overall health? As of late, a number of renowned cardiologists have asserted that a good amount of healthy fats is necessary for optimal cardiovascular health.

The myth about cholesterol and the claim that it causes heart attacks and clogged arteries have been debunked and health experts are warning about the side-effects of statins. These drugs are effective at lowering the cholesterol levels, but cholesterol is essential for the brain and the nervous system tissue.

Long-time statin users are at an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia as cholesterol is needed for the proper nervous system. The process of converting UVB lights from the sun to vitamin D3 is prompted by skin cholesterol and the lack of cholesterol leads to no conversion and not enough vitamin D3.

Make It Simple To Understand Ketogenic Diet

One of the most recent studies has shown that Ketogenic diet – high in healthy fats can actually reverse the most aggressive types of cancer but don’t expect this to be disclosed by the cancer industry.

They need the funding to continue their research into patentable drugs that don’t offer a cure but just continue to kill off the population through radiation, chemo and surgeries, everything in the name of Big Pharma.

Ketogenic Diet

The Facts on Ketogenic Diet

Reading about the keto diet will get you on the track of discovering a number of cases involving cancer patients who’ve cured their cancer with this eating regimen. One of the most amazing stories I’ve come across so far is about a trainer, former powerlifting world champion and a successful businessman, Dr. Fred Hatfield. His doctor title is in the field of kinesiology.

He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of skeletal cancer which had already metastasized and saw three different doctors who all said the same, he had a maximum of three months. He wasn’t ready to give up so he continued researching to find an alternative treatment for his condition. So, he accidentally stumbled upon the ketogenic diet and decided to give it a try.

He started by eliminating sugars and carbs from his diet and started eating plenty of good meats and high-quality fats, no trans fats, margarine and hydrogenated oils whatsoever.

Among his good fat sources were avocados, eggs, EVOO, hemp oil, flax seeds, butter and coconut oil. He even added the maligned saturated fat. The results? His cancer was gone in just a few months and a year later he was still alive and kicking, healthy as never before.

Researcher Dr. D’Agostino, who was the first to discover that ketogenic diet can reverse cancer, received letters from a number of other cancer patients who tried his ketogenic diet and successfully reversed cancer.

Cancer cells need glucose to survive as they are deprived of the oxygen our healthy cells for normal functioning. The good fats are abundant in fatty acids which are converted to ketones when our cells are deprived of glucose.

This is how coconut oil was able to reverse Alzheimer’s, ketones conversion provides the brain cells that cannot metabolize oxygen as well as before with energy they need.

The big difference is that normal cells are able to take the ketones and convert them into energy while cancer cells can’t. This means that if we eliminate glucose and replace it with ketones the cancer cells will starve to death. There are no adverse side-effects to this diet, other than weight loss.

Health experts suggest that you can modify the standard ketogenic diet once the cancer is reversed, introducing complex carbs which can’t easily be converted to glucose is OK for a cancer-free organism.

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