Living Skeletons Are Not Fashionable

Anorexia is a disorder where a person suffers from the feeling of being too fat, which is not a healthy attitude towards nutrition and it is an obsession with the need to reduce weight.
There is not a person in the world who had not say or heard these sentences:
” I need to lose five kilograms and I will look great”, “My butt is too big”, “I’d like to loose the fat around my waist before I go to vacation”…

People are obsessed with how they look, constantly in a race to reach the beauty, the glamor and good looks of the film stars from Hollywood.

But it is good to know that the in that race we cannot be winners!

Living Skeletons Are Not Fashionable!

It is a well-known fact that the struggle for the perfect look takes its victims and in a form of people who suffer from diseases of the modern world Anorexia and Bulimia.

The fact that only 95 percent of people who suffer from anorexia are women and only 5 percent are men is very worrying.


Why? Because woman and girls feel the pressure to look perfect and be like the models in the fashion magazines, some of them cannot handle that pressure.

Anorexia is a mental disorder, where a person suffers from the feeling of being too fat, which is not a  healthy attitude towards food and it is and obsession with the need to reduce weight.

In order to ease such psychological pain,  the person goes on a diet, wanting to lose weight and gain control over her body.

It is typical for these people that their reality on diet and obesity is distorted, food so while they function normally in all other areas.

When it comes to food they think they’re too fat and they should not eat.

Scientists believe that one of the factors that contribute to anorexia is the media because young girls are literally bombarded with images of stars and models with perfect bodies.


There are two types of anorexia

Restrictive type –  person brings very food so they reduce their weight.

Bulimia type – a person eats even more than normally, but after an each meal they throw up the food so they loose weight.

The consequences of anorexia are excessive weight loss, weak immune system, problems with stomach, depression, dry skin, and hair loss, girls may lose their menstrual cycle etc.

According to international statistics, the disease affects more educated people and less the lower classes, while some international celebrities suffer from this disease, like Victoria Beckham, sisters Kate and Ashley Olsen….



The first goal of treatment is to restore the normal body weight and the proper diet.

This should be done in cooperation with physiotherapists and specialists in this field.

And most importantly you must have a strong will to solve this problem.

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