Make Your Hair Permanently Straight and Shiny With This Natural Cream Conditioner

This extraordinary cream conditioner is a natural way of straightening your hair quite easy, you only have to use natural ingredients from your kitchen. Because long, straight and shiny hair is a dream of many women, but not every one of them is so lucky to have it.
In order to make their hair beautiful, women pay expensive treatments at beauty salons, but this can damage your hair and create further problems. Luckily, straight hair can be achieved with a simple and cheap natural hair cream which you can make at home.

Natural Cream Conditioner

Lemon juice and Coconut milk are great ingredients for straightening your hair naturally. If mixed they will work as a cream conditioner and help you to straighten your hair. Also lemon will give your hair the refreshing feel.

This conditioner cream has two abilities: To make your curly hair straight and to make your hair shiny, healthy and strong.

Natural Cream Conditioner

How To Prepare it and Straighten Your Hair Completely Naturally:

  • 1 cup Coconut Milk
  • 2 Spoons Lemon Juice


  1. Mix these two ingredients and apply the cream.
  2. Wash your hair with lukewarm water after a few minutes.
  3. If you repeat this home remedy twice a week, you will clearly notice the difference.

Note: Instead “burning” your hair with those damaging irons, this treatment will give you the same result.

BENEFITS of the Ingredients:

Coconut milk nourishes the scalp, hydrates it, and facilitates hair growth on a regular application. It contains potent antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. Its fatty acids are beneficial for the hair and scalp.

Lemon is a popular citrus fruit. It contains vitamin C and using its juice can benefit your hair. Lemon juice helps eliminate dandruff, cleanses excess oil and grease on the scalp, and adds a lightening effect to the hair.

Make Your Hair Permanently Straight


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