Must To Know – Are You Drinking Water When You Need It Most?!

Did you know that drinking water could be a lifesaver?
Pure, clean drinking water does so much to keep your body running smoothly.
Dehydration causes shrinkage of brain tissue.
So when we haven’t been drinking enough water, our brains have to work a lot harder to perform at the same level.
Hydration is essential to guard against heat stroke in warm weather and frostbite in cold temperatures, as your body’s circulation plays a protective role in both extremes of temperature and needs water to function properly.
Drinking 8 of water daily is still a good goal for most people, but other fluids like tea, juice and soup count toward your total intake, too.
Also, anyone looking to lose weight could be helped by upping their water intake.
Studies have found that when participants drink water before a meal, they lose weight faster than those who did not drink water.
Water helps us, go by helping dissolve fats and soluble fiber.
Drinking enough water prevents constipation and also reduces the burden on the kidneys and liver by helping to flush waste products.
Find out how to staying hydrated helps protect your health…

Must To Know – Are You Drinking Water When You Need It Most?!

1. Drink Water When You First Get Up – Without water to wake up and turn on the body in the morning, you may be running on empty, especially if you skip breakfast.

2. Drink Water Before a Meal – Drinking water before eating helps you feel fuller; that means you’ll be less likely to scarf your food down.

3. Drink Water When You’re Hungry  – If you’re hungry between meals, pour yourself a tall glass of fresh drinking water first to see if you’re dehydrated. Sometimes people think they’re hungry when they’re really just thirsty.

4. Drink Water Before a Workout  – Depending on the temperature, humidity and your body’s fluid levels, you may need one or several 8-ounce glasses of water to protect against dehydration during and after your workouts.

Are You Drinking Water When You Need It Most?!

5. Drink Water After a Workout – Following vigorous exercise, you may need to drink a lot of water to replace fluids lost through perspiration and urination. The amount you’ll need depends on your weight, health and whether you exercised in hot or humid conditions especially for long periods – among other factors.

6. Drink Water When You’re Exposed to Germs – A well-hydrated body encourages bacterial and viral invaders to move along so they don’t settle in and multiply in your system.

7. Drink More Water When You’re Ill – When you’re sick, you need to drink plenty of fluids, including water, to get better.

8. Drink Water When You’re Tired – Did you know that fatigue is one of the signs of dehydration? Because of its ability to move quickly through the body, water can reach your brain and give you, say, a little boost before a big meeting or when you’re on deadline, even if you didn’t get as much shut-eye as you’d like.

Drink pure, clean water without contaminants. Those who rely on well water or ground water may want to buy processed water to avoid possible chemicals in their drinking water, including pollutants from farm runoff, industrial landfills and other sources of contamination.

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