Our Enemy – Migraine

Migraine – Script is always the same!
Pain begins at the height of the eyebrows and extends around the entire eye, then behind the temples and finally the head.
Most people who have migraine attacks can not live without analgesics.
But there are solutions to cope with this disease, and yet not be dependent on drugs.

Our Enemy – Migraine

Be careful with the doses – Paracetamol, codeine, aspirin combined drugs against migraine pain, are some of the drugs that people take on a daily basis , just get rid of the headache.

Our body eventually gets used to the drug molecules and therefore we have to increase the dose to achieve the same result. At the time when the tablet will cease to act headaches begin again, so  we again  reach for a tablet until we become dependent on it.

If we do this all the time  that’s the way we disturb the system for regulating pain and headache becomes chronic…

Start weaning – The only solution is to stop taking analgesics that you pulled into the vicious circle of adverse effects. Depending on how you hooked on pills is good to spend some time in hospital for detoxification treatment, where instead of the usual medication via infusion we receive products for pain relief.

Also we avoid repeated headaches that comes after a sudden cessation of drug taking. Consult a doctor for migraine general medical practitioners but maybe  sometimes we will need an advice from a specialist neurologist.


Learn to deal with stress because he is culprit number 1! bad mood feelings and excessive celebration can encourage migraine. Learn to relax perhaps with yoga,  different sports, swimming, golf, tie-chi, cycling, listening to music, long walks, massage that would relax neck muscles, acupuncture, herbal teas…

It is important to know that too little sleep at night encourages migraine.

Thorough treatment – The treatment of migraine should start if the headache attacks disrupt everyday life. If you take more than eight tablets in a month against headache,  you should be thoroughly treated to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

 Recipe for Homemade pain relieve effective Tea:

  • Mix 30 gr. Mint,
  • Lemon balm and Chamomile and
  • 10 Grams. leaf of Rosemary
  1. Three tablespoons of this mixture pour with 
  2. 4 deciliters boiling water,
  3. cover with lid, and
  4. 4 hours after strain is sweetened with honey and drink water instead.

Our Enemy – Migraine – video:

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