Pain Relief Mixture That Will Reduce Your Pain Almost Completely

Not only that this incredible natural pain relief mixture relieves the pain of osteoporosis, but it also prevents occurrence of the pain for several years.
We talk about a massage mixture prepared with salt and unrefined vegetable oil.
Because Osteochondritis of the neck and spine is a very common medical condition which can have some serious health implications if left untreated.
People suffering from this condition know how difficult it can be to get rid of the pain and lead a normal, stress-free life.
Even though it may be difficult it’s not impossible, given that you now the right cure and in case you don’t know it we’re here to share it with you.
This natural remedy is guaranteed to make the pain go away and stay away for years to come.
The medicinal combination is prepared immediately for the entire medication course.
The preparation is very simple, you just need some olive oil and sea salt and that’s it.

Salt And Oil:
Pain Relief Medicinal Mixture – After Its Application, You Will Not Feel Pain For Several Years!

Pain Relief Mixture That Will Reduce Your Pain Almost Completely

The medicinal mixture for the osteoporosis treatment:

For its preparation, you will need:

  • 20 tablespoons of Olive or Sunflower oil and
  • 10 tablespoons of Salt (use sea salt if you want)


Take a glass jar and mix the oil and the salt in it. Close it and you’ll get a light mixture after a couple of days.

Pain Relief Mixture


Rub the mixture on the painful points of cervical vertebrae with vigorous massage every morning. Start with 2-3 minutes massage, and then gradually increase the amount of time for 2-3 minutes a day, until you get 20 minutes massaging time. Wipe your neck with a wet and warm towel once you finish massaging.

With such procedures as this one, a minor skin irritation is possible. This is why you should wipe your skin with a dry cloth as well as apply baby’s powder on it.

The outcome of the 10-day treatment is improving of cartilage muscle regeneration and bone tissue, as well as stimulating blood circulation. After 8-10 procedures you will be able to feel radical change.

Moreover, it reestablishes the blood flow in the cervical spine, gets rid of headaches, and improves vision, which is actually connected to the fact that the body is released from toxins helping to normalization of the metabolism.

Although not often, but still you may feel slight dizziness or drowsiness during the cleansing process. This osteoporosis treatment goes without side effects, and gives excellent result.

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