Put This In The House Corners and Next Day All Cockroaches Will Be Gone!

Cockroaches in the home are very nasty. They hide in dark places and at night walk around. Disgusting for the sight and also we must mention that they spread illnesses. Not only they bring you social embarrassment and fear but also silently contribute to the deteriorating health of your family.

The cockroaches by themselves do not cause any disease but they are vectors or carriers for millions of bacteria and infectious agents that can lead to an array of diseases from diarrhea to food poisoning. We remove them with many items made by companies but they have chemicals and can cost a lot. So, do not endanger the health of the family.

Here in this article, we offer you the best mix prepared with items in the house already.

Put This In The House Corners – Next Day All Cockroaches Will Be Gone!

This is a cheap and safe method and health friendly for humans and pets.


  • 1 big Onion 
  • 1 tsp Baking Soda


  1. Chop the Onion,
  2. Add the Baking Soda,
  3. Put this in every corner of the home.
  4. Pay more attention to the bathroom and kitchen.
  5. They will die off and this mix will eliminate them altogether.

 * These bugs live in nasty places and dirty corners, drains, dumpsters and they have bad bacteria with them.

Put This In The House Corners and Next Day All Cockroaches Will Be Gone!

Follow these few tips to keep you house cockroach-free:

– Keep your house clean if you don’t want to see that ugly creature. Weekly cleaning of the entire house will help you to understand the status of cockroach infestation.

– Ensure that areas like the sink and the food preparation area are cleaned before you go to sleep.

– Empty the dustbin in your kitchen regularly and always keep it covered. A pile of garbage is an open invitation to cockroaches.

– Never keep old newspapers, books, and magazines stacked openly.

– Block all entrances from where you think cockroaches are gaining entry into your home. Seal tiny cracks and holes present in the walls to prevent cockroaches from making a permanent home over there.

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