Quick Guide How To Stay Fresh When You’re On A Long Journey

Before us is the holiday season. Many of us risk to go on long-distance traveled by car or bus.
Therefore there is a danger of becoming a victim of summer heat, but do not despair!
Follow this Quick Guide How To Stay Fresh!
Because there is a solution and it is adapted food for long distance on outside high temperatures.
Prolonged sitting is not good for the stomach and intestines directly affects the bloodstream. This can result in a tightening of the muscles and increase blood pressure.
According to nutritionists these product are much better solution than fast food offered in almost all the shops along the highway.
Fast food is fat and can cause problems during the trip and especially when it is very hot.
While liquids should be entered daily 1.5 – 2 l soft drinks mostly.

Experts remind us that children are subjected to long travel are much more sensitive than adults so if you went on a trip with children you must be aware that they need to take daily fluid 1-1.5 l.

Quick Guide How To Stay Fresh When You’re On A Long Journey

Consider the following tips:

Long trip is stressful for the body so it is the best before a journey, to Eat:

Bread with whole grains, Cheese, Lettuce, slides of Cucumber, Radishes, Milk products like low fat Yogurt, Cottage cheese, Acid milk, Vegetables.

You can take:

Fish or Chicken or Turkey meat, Soup, Boiled potatoes or Bread, Fresh Vegetables, Cheese, Salads.

They can stay fresh if you keep in a special thermal bag.

Nuts and other shelled foods are usually a good choice.

Quick Guide How To Stay Fresh on Journey


Carbonated drinks and beverages containing caffeine.

Not consume alcoholic beverages prior to departure time, even while driving and traveling because alcoholic drinks affect concentration and digestive tract.

You should avoid fatty foods because it is difficult to digest.

Note: During breaks you need exit from the vehicle for some fresh air!

Quick Guide How To Stay Fresh When You’re On A Long Journey  – video:

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