How To Reduce Negative Energy In Your Home With Limes?

The prosperity, relationships, and health in your home can be affected by negative energy. You can try natural methods in order to get rid of it.
An ingredient which is perfect for that is Lime. It can help you neutralize bad energy, improve your economy, and restore harmony. Behind lime lie lots of health benefits. They provide a unique aroma which great for areas where you spend most of your time. It can help you get rid of negative energies, and you will only need a few.

How To Reduce Negative Energy In Your Home With Limes?

In Feng Shui cleansing, using limes for detoxification for you and your spaces is very easy and affordable.

  • Help eliminate odor and cleanse negative Chi.
  • Cleanse your mind, body and energetic field of anxiety, depression and nervous tension.
  • Lift your Chi.
  • Restore your Chi after the anguish of losing a loved one or attending a funeral.
  • Support you while going through a particularly bad astrological month.

If you suddenly notice certain changes that aren’t very positive, i.e. constant mood changes, fights, or feeling comfortable in your own home, then it’s time to take action.  

Try These Effective Methods:

How To Reduce Negative Energy In Your Home With Limes?


  • Take a ceramic basket and fill it with 9 Limes.
  • Then, place it in your fridge.
  • Put 8 limes and 1 in the center for wealth.


  • Take rainwater and boil lime skin in it.
  • Use it as an amulet to absorb the negative waves around.


  • Put 3 Limes in 3 different areas into your house.
  • Replace them once they turn black.


  • Put 3 Limes in some glass bowl on the night table for love.


  • Mix lime on juice and water and place it in a spray bottle, spraying it throughout your house.
  • Place some limes in your purse, jacket, or pockets and get them out during the night, watching them how they become dry.
  • In the morning throw them out, and use another.


  • Cut a lime into 4 parts and form a cross in the plate, make a circle of grain or salt around them in the dish and put it under the bed during the night.
  • Do not touch the dish in the morning, but put it in a plastic bag and throw it away from your house.
  • The process should be repeated 3 days straight.


  • Place 3 limes in your purse or working desk while you are at work.

 Reduce Negative Energy In Your Home With Limes

Note: The negative energy is bad for all of us. This means that you should “stay away” from the negative energy because it can affect the environment at your home, it can affect your health, relationships and it can affect your prosperity.

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