The Indispensible Exercises That Make Us Live Longer

Scientists Tell of The Indispensable Exercises That Make Us Live Longer

Do You Want To Live Longer!? Then this post is for you! When we are asked about our age, we give it in years. However, turns out that what we should do is determine our biological age, implying determine how old our bodies are. Remarkably, it is not the exact same age we are!
Our bodies have 2 various ages: sequential and biological. The very first one describes the length of time we have been alive, while the latter describes how old our bodies appear to be.

The Vital Workouts That Make Us Live Longer

There are a few ways that scientists can determine one’ s biological age. One method is determining the length of an individual’ s telomeres, the protective ends of chromosomes.

Telomeres keep the chromosome ends from degenerating or merging with a nearby chromosome, influencing how rapidly cells age and pass away.

The Indispensible Exercises That Make Us Live Longer

The Important Exercises That Make Us Live Longer

As explained by Dr. Terry Grossman, creator and medical director of the Grossman Health Center in Denver, “Every time that a cell divides, a telomere bead falls off from completion of the chromosome. It appears there is a direct correlation between telomere length and biological age.

The longer you live, simply puts, the higher your chronological age, the much shorter the overall length of your telomeres.” But, this is not the only method you can figure out how old your body is. There is far simpler and easier method to discover your biological age, and you can do it in your home.

Test Your Biological Age

  1. Stand with the feet together and bend at the hips to see how far you can reach down with the hands.
  2. Enable a minor bend in case keeping the legs directly feels uneasy.
  3. Remember how far you got.

If You Might:

Touch the flooring with your hands while keeping the legs directly, the muscles are totally unwinded and the body is as flexible as an average 20-25-year-old person.

Touch the floor with your fingertips, with straight legs or with a slight bend in the knees. If you do not feel any discomfort, the muscle flexibility is as good as in average 35-38 years of ages person.

Touch your toes or simply your feet with bent knees or straight legs. If you just manage to reach this far, your muscles are tense, and you feel pain, your muscle versatility looks like that of an individual who is 38-50 years of ages.

You can’t touch your feet, and if you were to try you would be really bending the knees. If aiming to extend farther makes the muscles hurt and you have to stand right away, your muscles have the flexibility of somebody who is over 50.

Fortunately is that your body’s versatility depends on you. With a regular extending regular you can enhance your flexibility and turn the clock back on your muscles. When it comes to the telomeres, studies show that a healthy way of life, involving routine workout and healthy diet plan, keep telomere length.

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