Secret Beauty Tips That Adriana Lima Prefer

Brazilian model and  Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima is one of the most popular models in the world, but despite two pregnancies and divorce she remains one of the most beautiful women.
She said that  her beauty is achieved with strict regimes of liquid diet and many physical training.
She is also one of the biggest fans of extreme sports such as boxing.
Nine days before every appears on their runway she rejects rigid  food and drink only protein shakes.
Liquid diet can be used in short periods, other wise can harm health or cause side effects.
This way of beautifying showed visible results relative to the line and the shape of her body, but it was under the control of doctors and nutritionists and her personal trainer.

Secret Beauty Tips That Adriana Lima Prefer

Read now how it looks one of her day:

  • Breakfast : Egg whites,Oatmeal, Raisins, Cereals with Yogurt
  • Lunch: a piece of Fish or Chicken meat, mandatory Vegetables
  • Snacks: fresh Vegetables, Cucumber or Carrot,  and during the day consumed Honey
  • Dinner: small Salad of various Vegetables, because she said she sleeps better when she eat lighter foods.


Training two hours a day!

Because of the desire to return to form after the second pregnancy, she was train even more.

Boxing (which deals with more than ten years), and (she believes that boxing not just makes her look physically  but also keeps her mentally sharp) fit, spinning, jogging, exercises in the hall,  she practice two hours a day.

The supermodel also performs Capoeira, which has its origin in the Brazilian culture.

Secret Beauty Tips That Adriana Lima Prefer – video:

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