Silky And Soft Skin With Sugaring Epilation

Sugaring  Epilation (hair removal) is very similar to waxing as it removes hair from the root when done properly.
But along with being all natural it usually isn’t as painful because it doesn’t stick as much to the skin.
You don’t have to decide now how you’re going to use your homemade hair remover.
But when you’re finished with the recipe you’ll be able to use your product two different ways- as a paste or gel to remove facial or body hair.
This guide to making and using homemade sugar wax (epilation), complete with a simple recipe, instructions, and tips.
Will give you salon results at a fraction of the cost.
It will leave your skin feeling baby-soft and your wallet feeling pretty full!

Silky And Soft Skin With Sugaring Epilation

Sugaring wax (epilation) – Ingredients: sugar, lemon,water.

Ideal with sugar paste is a mixture of what you can do yourself at home. For hair removal sugar paste has no fear of ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

Pain is incomparably smaller than that of waxing, as time significantly reduces the number of hairs and they become softer and less frequently.

No allergic reactions and other unpleasant side effects due to the fact that it contains only natural ingredients .

Sugar paste is recommended for removing hair from intimate parts for this skin is very delicate and sensitive, as well as for removing hair with his hand.


 Sugar paste:

  • 3  tablespoons lemon juice (fresh)
  • 3  tablespoons water
  • 8  tablespoons sugar


  1. Mix all ingredients well, place them in a deep bowl and let it cook at high temperature for 4 -5 min.
  2. When it starts to boil, remove from heat and pour it into a deep pot, recommended in a metal pot.
  3. The mixture should look like burnt sugar cake.
  4. Let it cool a little-not too much, so start with separation, piece by piece, drawing the mixture with your fingers until it receives a structure similar to chewing gum,
  5. If  its  necessary add a drop of water-not more.

Note: Before you begin waxing, be sure to clean the skin where you plan to remove lint.

It would be best to sprinkle some baby powder on the skin, in order to further dry out the skin.

The procedure is performed so as to separate part of the paste is applied to the place from which you want to remove the hair making sure that sticks against the direction of hair growth, then retire in the opposite direction.

Silky And Soft Skin With Sugaring Epilation!

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