Simple Trick For Shiny Healthy Hair With Aluminum Foil

In this article, we will reveal an interesting simple trick on how to get shiny and healthy hair with Aluminum Foil!
Most of the women around the world are having hair issues! There are so many different hair products on the market today that “promise” to make your hair strong, thick and shiny.

However, with frequent experimentation in the search for the ideal ones, you can only further damage your hair. And that’s because these products contain high amounts of harmful chemicals, which are really bad for your hair and scalp. So, you should definitely try this homemade natural alternative, which is much better for your hair and much healthier.

Shiny Healthy Hair With Aluminum Foil!

Today we are going to help you sort out your hair issue with this amazing trick because after doing this you will get beautiful shiny and strong hair.

This is a very easy homemade recipe and things to be needed for this remedy are easily available at home. Just follow the steps given below and You will be amazed by the results.

Shiny Healthy Hair With Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil Trick – Ingredients and Instructions:

  • Squeeze the juice of one Lemon, one Grapefruit, and one Orange.
  • Then take one Banana and mix it in a blender with 2 dl of Milk.
  • Finally mix together all the ingredients.

What to Do:

  1. Mix them well and apply to your hair.
  2. After applying that cover your hair with Aluminum foil.
  3. Leave this mixture on the hair for 30-35 minutes and then wash your hair with natural shampoo.

Note: Aluminum foil together with this mix of ingredients will make your hair very shiny, strong, beautiful and dandruff free. You will see the amazing results just after applying this mixture on your hair. It will feed your hair, it will give her protection and shine, your hair will smell amazing.

Source: Natural Healthy Team

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