Six World Dishes That Are Controversial

There’s no question about it, we all enjoy a good taboo.
We live for the thrill of breaking rules and experience a sudden rush of excitement whenever we come close to such illicit activities,
because we know that we shouldn’t be doing it.
These are some of the most exotic dishes that are controversial, can come across and also the reasons why they should be avoided!!!
They are at best controversial and at worst, downright illegal.
But all are delicious. Probably!

Six World Dishes That Are Controversial


France has the largest number of bird species and this dish is a delicacy. This bird is traditionally eaten with covered head, and swallowed whole in one bite.

Shark fin

A quarter of sharks species are in danger of extinction and requirements fins occupies a large part of that threat. Usually soup with shark fin can be found in China where this expensive dish is traditionally  served at weddings or as a welcome for guests .

In Asia, eating fins and shark meat is legal. Taiwan is the only Asian country with a ban on the controversial procedure of removing fins from sharks after which the corpse is thrown into the sea.

Shark Fin Soup Cartoon

Green sea turtle

Meat of green sea turtles can often be found in the Cayman Islands, which is considered a national specialty and there is allowed to grow this kind of turtles and eat their meat.

Can also be found in the Caribbean and in Asia and some countries in South America, but is not allowed to be imported or sold carries this kind of turtles around the USA.

The decline of this species and the poor conditions in which they grown turtles in only legal farm Cayman Islands is enough reason why you should not order this kind of eating.



Gorillas are pushed to the brink of extinction for their meat. In some cities in Congo Gorilla smoked meat is sold openly in the markets even though it’s illegal.

Considered that annually kill more than 400 gorillas for their meat. International Union for Conservation of Nature and animals classify this type as critically endangered.


Chinese giant salamander

Chinese giant salamanders are amphibians and most species live in lakes and rivers in South China. Over the past 30 years due to excessive collecting salamanders (sold for $ 1000 a piece) for commercial purposes their number dropped by 80 percent and is classified as an endangered species.

Excessive fishing not only reduces their number but also hinders their growth, scientists believe that because they are only hunted large amphibians salamanders stopped growing more than 180 centimeters.


Sales of dolphin meat and eating is a common and legal in Japan, though often labeled and sold as whale meat, which costs much more. Although the method of killing dolphins is very controversial really no one species is classified as endangered.

In Taiwan, sales hunting and eating dolphin meat are banned from 1989. But despite this in Taiwan each year are illegally hunted around 1000 dolphins, and fried sticks with dolphin meat are freely sold on street stalls especially in western Taiwan.


Six World Dishes That Are Controversial!

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