Soursop – Scientists Have Approved This Herb is More Powerful Than Any Medicine Against Cancer

Soursop (Graviola)
A new discovery by the alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its cancer-fighting properties, which has been found to be highly beneficial in the case of lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer.
A herb that originates from Central and South America, and nowadays cultivated in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the Caribbean.
This herb has been proven to have potent anti-cancer effects, and, as scientists say, to be efficient in destroying cancer cells in a selective way.
Furthermore, it has been said that it is 10,000 times more potent than any type of chemotherapy drug.
Soursop is efficient on several levels: if kills cancer cells, but it does not cause any side effects.
Moreover, it efficiently prevents other fatal infections and boosts the immune system at the same time.
US pharmaceuticals have carried out some experiments and studies, and it has been revealed that this beneficial herb can stop 12 cancer types, including colon, prostate, pancreas, breast, and lung cancer.
It is important to say that this herb only destroys the affected cells and it does not do any harm to the healthy ones. 

Soursop – Scientists Have Approved This Herb is More Powerful Than Any Medicine Against Cancer +

Has numerous health benefits, including:

relieving eczema, by mashing the leaves of the plant and preparing a healing poultice treating vomiting and nausea thanks to its potent emetic activity improving the digestion by consumption of soursop juice made from the fresh fruits killing lice and strengthening the hair roots by making a concoction of the leaves and applying it to the scalp treating liver problems by consumption of soursop juice healing wounds and cuts by applying crushed fresh leaves of soursop.

Soursop has incredibly potent cancer-fighting effects. Many studies have shown that it efficiently decelerates the development of cancer cells, even more efficiently than chemotherapy drugs. Still, some further research is needed s that its properties and components are completely and precisely specified, which will be of great help for fighting this deadly disease.

A Healthy lifestyle If you want to keep your body in the best state and prevent possible threats, and eliminate the existing ones at the same time, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle. This means that you need to avoid consuming junk food, caffeine, alcohol, and consume raw, organic fruits and vegetables instead.

Consuming fresh fruits like graviola, also called soursop or ‘Brazilian paw paw’, apples, berries, green vegetables and nuts will make you a lot healthier and stronger. Also, you need to exercise on a regular basis, and you will get fantastic results and maintain your body healthy, fit, and strong. Make sure you eat this fruit regularly, or you consume it in the form of tea made from its leaves, or in any other way; the important thing is that you utilize its numerous benefits.

Soursop Tea Recipe for Effective Healing and to Fight Cancer:

Soursop to Fight Cancer

Step1 – Boil 1 liter of water, then take 15 soursop dry leaves (fresh or dried ones both have same value) and 1 small stem, cut into small pieces and put into the boiling water.

Step 2 – Don’t close the vessel and Continue to boil the water on small flame for 30 mins,until the water evaporates to 500 ml .

Consumption: Drink 1 cup (165ml) filtered soursop tea hot or warm or cool 3 times every day, in the morning, afternoon and in the night. For better taste you can add 1/2 spoon of lime juice, 2 pudina leafs and add some honey (not sugar).

After drinking, the body may feel the effects of heat, but no side effects.To cool the body drink 3 glasses of fruit juice like sweet lime or pinapple or eat water milon, and drink 3 glasses of buttermilk every day. In 2 weeks time you can feel the benefits of soursop yourself, and in 4 weeks time the improvements can be felt clearly. After 2 months you can go for a medical ckeck up.

Note: Take Soursop tea 30 mins. before food always to be more effective.

Here is a video which will give you some interesting information about this incredible fruit:

Soursop – Scientists Have Approved This Herb is More Powerful Than Any Medicine Against Cancer – Article Sources:
Video source: Nick Meyer

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