Successful DoDo Diet Of The World Famous Stars

Be part of world stars Jet set and try their successful DoDo – Diet,
Nutritionists claim that the new diet called Dodo provides the necessary results in a very short period.
That’s why celebrities of the world jet set are more often used.
The diet is very simple:
One day you are on the Regime, and the next day you are Not!!!
Or simply explained every other day DIET!

Successful DoDo Diet Of The World Famous Stars

Successful DoDo Diet

It is important to your body to provide enough energy reserves including fats during fasting regime have something to melt.

Do not worry about calories because it is the diversity of this diet with other diets remaining.

The point of the meal you saturate without overeating and to increase fat burning .

For this to be achieved requires the right choice of food.

One day you can literally eat whatever you like and the next day to stick to a strict regime and allowed products.

How to use DODO diet!?

  • Night before dietary day eat your dinner between 19 and 22 pm.
  • The process of diet begins while you sleeping and last until the next evening.
  • The day without diet it is allowed almost everything that you need to eat, a normal breakfast and lunch.
  • For dinner, carefully selected products that will ensure supplies for the next day, and from dinner drinks only water is allowed.
  • If you do not exercise regularly  you need to enter food composed of quite protein, vegetables and healthy fats.
  • If you exercise, then decide on a meal with carbohydrates, protein and vegetables.

How to use DODO diet

Menu should look like this:

If you are determined to employ this diet you  have to choose to advance food and plan your regime.

Here are a few examples for your daily menu:

Roast chicken and olives, chicken white meat or fish, chicken and cabbage salad, eggs, low fat yogurt, leaf vegetables, nuts, spinach, mushrooms.

Amount of protein (salmon, mussels, chicken, steak, cheese) let the size of your (hand) palm, carbohydrates (pasta, rice) should not be served in larger quantities than fist.

This in addition to always keep fresh vegetables or salads that you use coconut or olive oil.

Chicken Cabbage Salad

The Best time to Start is weekend!

Weekends are the best time to start this diet.

The level of stress is usually less then you will be better able to control your day schedule.

Avoid large physical activity throughout the day dietary, but less is acceptable.

Prepare the meal a little more than what you were planning to eat to keep you for the next meal.

The day when you can eat whatever you want to be careful not to overeat with junk food, etc. Sure, you can afford what you want but do not be excessive.

Try not to measure weight very often, because you will not always get the exact results.

However, manual measurement of waist is important!

Do it once a week and always choose the same time of day, it is recommended in the morning before breakfast.

If during the dietary  day you feel more hunger, try to go for a walk or drink a cup of green tea.

In these days, In the beginning of the diet you can have small loss of  concentration,  bad mood, no energy.

weight loss

Which products to purchase:

  • grains with whole grains
  • brown rice
  • beans
  • peas
  • lentils
  • olive and coconut oil
  • green tea
  • fish
  • chicken
  • vegetables and fruit
  • low fat yogurt

Successful DoDo Diet Of The World Famous Stars!

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