Surprising Ways To Use Orange Peels For Beauty and Health Care

Most of the people, normally when they eat an orange throw out the peels. One of the key reasons why people dislike orange peel is because of its bitter taste. But what many of us don’t know is that these peels are very beneficial. Loaded with highly nutritious compounds orange peels are excellent for beauty, nutrition, and overall health.

Orange Peels For Beauty and Health Care

Health Benefits

Orange peels contain more than 60 types of flavonoids and over 170 different types of phytonutrients, in addition to being rich in various pectins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Orange Peels For Beauty and Health Care

Weight Loss

They are a natural ally for weight loss. If you use them to prepare a tea, you will increase your metabolism, eliminate fat from the body, and boost your energy levels.

It adds bulk to the food and thus, helps in lowering the overall caloric intake, thereby aiding weight loss. It also exerts anti-obesity effects by suppressing weight gain by the body and formation of adipose tissue.

Asthma & Respiratory Problems

Orange peel provides excellent support against respiratory distress and is also found to be effective for treating asthma. It exerts a lung cleansing activity, by playing a vital role in breaking down and expelling congestion (phlegm).

It also contains high levels of histamine, reducing compounds and antioxidants, which helps in relieving various respiratory complications like bronchitis, cold, flu and lung cancer.

Prevents Digestive Complications

Orange peel is a rich source of non-soluble polysaccharides a (type of dietary fibers) like pectins, tannins, and hemicellulose. These compounds prevent constipation by increasing the bulk and reducing contact time of food with the intestine.

It also plays an active role in reducing acidity (gas trouble) and prevents vomiting and heartburn.

Improves Oral Health

If you suffer from bad breath chew orange peels instead of a gum or mouth fresher to get rid of the foul odor naturally.

Orange peels are also an effective and cheap measure to whiten stained teeth, in addition to preventing sensitive teeth. You can either rub the inside of an orange peel or apply its paste on the teeth to whiten it naturally.

Protects From Cancer

Several studies have shown that increased consumption of orange peel in the diet lowers the risk of human cancers, namely skin, breast, and colon cancer.

It offers protection against colon cancer by binding to the toxic chemicals in the food, thereby hindering their exposure to the intestinal mucous membrane.

Improves Heart Health

The peel contains nobiletin, a type of polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs), compounds which are found to exert a positive effect on the heart.

These compounds lower your risk of heart disease and inflammation in addition to lowering the blood cholesterol levels (LDL) in the body.

Reduce Cholesterol

Orange peels contain hesperidin, a flavonoid with properties that metabolize the lipids in the blood and reduce the fat in the blood to accomplish this.

There is 20% more hesperidin in the peel of the orange than in the fruit.  So don’t hesitate to try them, it can help lower your cholesterol.

Orange Zest Tea Recipe for Perfect Helth:

  • Boil a cup of water.
  • Add one tablespoon and a half of orange zest per cup of tea.
  • Let it boil for 100minutes, and rest for another 5.
  • In the winter – add a teaspoon of honey. In the summer, some ice and cinnamon. Enjoy!
  • Consume – In the morning and in the evening!

Beauty Benefits

The peel has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which make it great for treating acne and oily skin. It also works as a skin lightening agent and can do wonders for marks on the face and pigmentation.

Acts as a natural skin bleach – Vitamin C, present in orange peels, acts as an effective and safe natural scrubber.

* The peel extract, when applied with curd or milk can lighten dark blemishes and spots on the skin.

* You can also rub the peel directly on the skin or use diluted pastes to prevent skin burns and remove sun tan.

Besides it’s medicinal, more obvious properties, face packs with orange peel can also be used as face cleansers and leave the skin looking refreshed.

What’s even more interesting is that the astringent and antioxidant properties of the peel stay intact when used to create an elaborate face pack. Also with different base mixtures along with orange peel, it’s best for face remedies for all skin types. It also helps tone the skin, protect from harmful sun rays and cleanse pores naturally.

Skip the expensive skin creams, and use citrus peels to lighten and brighten tired skin. An orange peel is a great sponge to soak up oils and toxins.

* Simply place the orange peel in some gauze and apply directly to your skin or,

* Use a fine-gauge zester to get orange zest to add to a homemade facial mask with Bentonite clay and essential oils.

Orange Peel Face Wash Recipe:

Use this face wash over a period of time to remove stubborn tan.

  • Take 1 tbsp orange peel powder.
  • Just a pinch of cosmetic turmeric.
  • 1 tbsp of natural honey.
  • Mix everything well into a fine paste.
  • Apply on the face and neck, and wash off after 5 to 10 minutes with any gentle face cleanser or rose water.

Other Uses

Eliminate Shoe Odors

Take the stench out by placing an orange peel sprinkled with a little baking soda inside your shoes. It will absorb the odors, and leave them smelling like citrus instead.

Water Stains

The white part of the inside of an orange peel is great for getting rid of water stains from furniture. Just rub a little on the stain, and watch it come clean.

Air freshener 

Boil some orange peels, a little lemon juice, water, and cinnamon, and everyone will wonder why your home smells so amazing.


Throw your orange and other citrus peels in a compost pile with your other kitchen scraps and enjoy some of the best chemical-free soil for your garden around.

Keep Your Organic Brown Sugar Fresh 

Throwing a few dried orange peels into the bag with your brown sugar will help absorb the moisture that makes it clump together over time, making it impossible to use in your favorite recipes.

Eliminate Mosquitoes and Moths

Place an orange peel near a window that you suspect insects are entering your home. Orange peel has elements that mosquitoes and moths can’t stand against.

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