The Best Antioxidant Rich Foods and Drinks For Optimal Health

Antioxidants are a class of molecules that are capable of inhibiting the oxidation of another molecule.
Your body naturally circulates various nutrients in your body due to their antioxidant properties.
It also manufactures antioxidant enzymes in order to control free radical chain reactions.
Some antioxidants are produced by your body, but some are not.
In addition, your body’s natural antioxidant production can decline as you age.
Antioxidants protect the body’s cells from damage due to free radicals.
The most common antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids, including beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein.
Each fruit and veggie has their own unique combination of various antioxidants you won’t find any of these specialized combos isolated in a pill.
Your best bet is to eat a variety of seasonal produce so you can reap all the benefits.

The Best Antioxidant Rich Foods and Drinks For Optimal Health:

Green tea, Dark chocolate, Red wine, Pomegranate, Concord grape, Blueberry, Black cherry, Açaí, Cranberry, Orange and Apple juices are among the highest antioxidant containing foods.

Rich Antioxidant food


Goji berries – great antioxidant very nutritionally rich,containing beta – carotene,Viamin C,B1,B2 ,and many other vitamins,minerals and amino acids.

Raspberries – these fruits are loaded with antioxidants and help you lose weight. They’re also very beneficial to maintaining cardiovascular health.

Cloves – they are the best natural antioxidant because they have the highest capacity to give off hydrogen and to reduce lipid peroxidation and iron.

Blueberries – eating one cup of wild blueberries will provide 13,427 total antioxidants, about 10 times the USDA’s recommendation.

Apples – scientists have now calculated the antioxidant power of that apple is equal to more than 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C. The vast majority of its antioxidants come from flavonoids.

Plums  – are very  rich with antioxidants and vitamin C. They are also a good source of vitamin K, copper, dietary fiber, and potassium.

Tomatoes –  are loaded with health-protective antioxidants such as lycopene, vitamin C, and vitamin A -yet they have very few calories. Tomatoes also contain the red pigment lycopene, which helps prevent some types of cancer, particularly prostate cancer.

Carrots – carrots are healthy additions you can make to the vegetable list of your diet. Indeed, these root vegetables come with wholesome health benefiting compounds such as beta-carotenes, falcarinol, vitamin A, minerals and anti-oxidants in ample amounts.

Broccoli –  has an impressive nutritional profile. It is high in fiber, very high in vitamin C and has potassium, B6 and vitamin A. Broccoli is also packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Small Red Beans – lastly, and surprisingly, small red beans round up the top 10 best antioxidant-rich foods.The seed coat of the red kidney bean, which contains the color of the bean, is high in antioxidants.

Rich Antioxidant Juice No.1


  • 1/2 medium Bell Pepper (green)
  • 2 large Carrots
  •  3 stalk large Celery
  • 1/2  Cucumber
  •  2 handful  Parsley
  •  1 cup Spinach
  • 3 medium whole Tomatoes

Directions: Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.Enjoy!

Rich Antioxidant Juice

Rich Antioxidant Juice No.2


  • 1 handful parsley
    2 apples
    1 handful spinach
    1 cucumber
    1 lemon
    1-inch piece ginger

Directions: Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.Enjoy!

NOTE: The Best antioxidant rich foods and drinks are key elements in preventing cancer,

Because they stabilize highly reactive free radicals that can otherwise damage our DNA and begin the process of cancer development.

Antioxidants are also considered a key step in heart health because they protect blood vessels.

The Best Antioxidant Rich Foods and Drinks For Optimal Health!

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