The Best Natural Cure For Cough And Bronchitis

Generally speaking, coughing is perfectly normal and it can help to keep your throat clear from phlegm and other irritants. However, sustained coughing can also be symptomatic of a number of conditions.
But It’s never a fun situation when you have a persistent cough!
Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder that causes irritation and swelling in the mucous membranes in the bronchial tubes, which primarily carries air to and from the lungs.
Its a common issue, and a very notorious one.
Bronchitis and chronic coughing have always been a challenge for all the medicinal items out there, even the most conventional ones.

The Best Natural Cure For Cough And Bronchitis

Though, when technology and science fail to deliver, one can always turn to some magical natural remedies that could end up doing a magic spell on your infamous diseases.

The center of discussion is a 100-percent natural remedy that contains some of the oldest and most common house ingredients that are underrated to the core, yet can deliver wonders to sooth the throat and lungs, and hence help cure in little to no time.

Syrups are among the worst nightmares of a child growing up and nobody like those bitter-as-fudge syrups out there.

But what if there was something extraordinarily tasty, yet it would be able to cure your throat?

The Banana Honey Water Mix!

The Best Natural Cure For Cough And Bronchitis

Everyone loves Bananas and Honey just cannot be hated. Could there have been a tastier option than this?

For dry and whooping cough, a drink made from bananas can work like an expectorant and help break up the cough.

Honey can work more efficiently to calm a cough than over-the-counter drugs. It is a rich demulcent, with a high viscosity and stickiness that does an incredible job of coating and soothing those irritated mucous membranes.

The exceptional nutritional stats of both bananas and honey make this amazing home remedy suitable for people of all ages.

Anything ranging from mildly sore to severely sore throat, coughing and even some stomach problems can be treated with this delicious natural shake.


  • 400 ml boiling Water
  • 2 medium fresh Bananas
  • 2 tablespoons of Honey


– Peel the bananas and puree them with a wooden spoon or fork.

– Try to avoid using utilize metal cutlery, as the bananas have a tendency to obscure when they interact with metal.

– Next, you have to place bananas in pot and add the bubbled water to them.

– Give the blend a chance to soak for around 30 minutes.

– When the mixture has cooled, add in the two tablespoons of honey. Optionally, you can strain the blend if you that you favor it more straightforward.

– It is imperative to include the nectar last, so it doesn’t lose its useful properties over to the bubbling water.


Consume this delicious home remedy 4 times in a day in little portions.
Do not prepare in bulk, as you need to prepare a fresh amount for your day to day needs.
The results are likely to be evident in 5 days top.
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