The Cause for Leg Cramps at Night and the Best Ways to Prevent This!

The night leg cramps (nocturnal leg cramps) are muscle contractions that hurt and are spasms happening at night. This happens in the lower leg usually but also thighs and feet. The pain can be sharp and even wake you up. It lasts from few seconds to minutes. The soreness is still there even with no pain, the next day! Both men and women have this and this is most common after age 50.

Leg Cramps Causes & The Best Prevention!

Restless Leg Syndrome VS Leg Cramps

Both happen during sleeping but they are different. The restless leg syndrome is a neurological disorder with uncontrolled urge to move the legs. When you move legs in RLS this gives you relief and leg cramps are not like this.


  • Meds
  • Pregnancy
  • Standing on concrete
  • Alcoholism
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Some workouts
  • Bad sitting pose


  • Have a warm bath before bed.
  • Have some workouts in water to make leg muscles better.
  • Stretch legs before sleep.
  • Have potassium and magnesium.
  • Have chestnut for better blood flow to legs.
  • Use ergonomic shoes.
  • Put heat pad where the cramps occur.

To cure the spasms, read this:

1. Put both legs in front when you sit on the floor.
2. Bend the feet and point toes outwardly to the knees. This is a good stretch.
3. Slowly get up and turn around, shake the legs and make better blood flow.
4. Rub the area with circular motions and have 1 tbsp yellow mustard to alleviate signs.

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