This Is What Happens If You Hold The Hands In This Positions!

Find out what happens if you hold hands in this positions!? You will be surprised!
According to a brain research published in the National Academy of Sciences in November 2009, researchers found that hand gestures activate the same regions of the brain as spoken or written words. If we consider the world we live in there is no wonder that we suffer from pains and aches in our mind and body. Aside from the painkillers, medications and traditional medicine, people often practice yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. They are using methods, but there is another method that many people haven’t heard of.

This Is What Happens If You Hold The Hands In This Positions!

Mudra hand gestures are the method that comes from India and it stimulates different parts of the mind and body and relieves pains and aches.

It has 8 hand gestures that are powerful if they are used regularly. Here are the gestures:

1. *Gyan-mudra*


Try this gesture when you feel down. It is believed to increase the air element and remove laziness, increase creative thinking and raise the enthusiasm.

2. *Vaayu-mudra*


The anxiety is more and more present in our lives and we should find a way to eliminate it for good. This gesture is thought to reduce anxiety and decrease the air element.

3. *Aakash-mudra*


This gesture increases the space element. It helps to relieve congestive problems, rage, sadness, and fear.

4. *Shunya-mudra*


Shunya-mudra gesture reduces the space element and relieves ear pain.

5. *Prithvi-mudra*


If you have sore muscles and you feel tired, this gesture can solve the problem. It increases the earth element and decreases the fire element.



It does the opposite things from the previous gesture. It reduces the earth element and increases the fire element. It is great for people with thyroid gland malfunction.



This gesture reduces the pain in the joints, cramps, and arthritis. It is believed to increase the water element.



Jal-shaamak-mudra gesture reduces the water element and it is great for those who suffer from a runny nose, watery eyes and excessive sweating.

Note: You can do this everywhere you like and you should definitely try it out because you will gain so much.

Source: Healing life is natural

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