Use 2 Items And Remove Big Pores From The Face Naturally

Almost everyone has them, and want to remove big pores, but some people have them big and some smaller. Usually, those with a greasy T-zone are more prone to such pores. Sometimes these pores can look so big like holes in the face and this makes the skin look unappealing and uneven. People that have oily skin also have big pores. They hate It and need to make them less visible. You can get many items on the market for tight skin and reduce the pores but they are not so much effective. But there is good news, you can make a natural recipe for this at home.

How To Remove Big Pores From The Face Naturally at Home?

The problem of large skin pores is caused by over-secretion of oil by the oil glands. Every cosmetic item for this use can be just shortly effective but it is still wasted money in the end. Pores still come back and stay. But we offer you a remedy for this to remove them forever.

What to do?

1. Baking soda and Water

  1. Mix 2 tbsp baking soda and 2 tbsp water.
  2. Make a paste to apply it on the face and let this dry for 15 min.
  3. When the mask is tight, rinse with cool water.
  4. All such recipes are with 2-3 items, natural and effective.

2. Cucumber, Rosewater, and Lemon

  1. Peel a cucumber and get the flesh.
  2. Crush it and add some lemon juice and rosewater.
  3. Get a clean cloth and dip it in this.
  4. Fold the cloth and put it on the face.
  5. Wash the face with cold water.

3. Lemon juice and Egg white

  1. Make a natural mask with some lemon drops and egg whites.
  2. Apply and wait for it to be dry.
  3. Rinse with cold water and this will make the pores smaller and remove dirt and dead cells.

Use 2 Items And Remove Big Pores From The Face Naturally

4. Lime and Tomato

  1. Mix tomato juice and 4 drops lime juice.
  2. Dip a cotton ball in this and apply it on the face.
  3. After 15 min, rinse with cold water.
  4. The acid of these 2 items will remove excess oil and be like an astringent.

5. Lime juice and Almond

  1. Put a few almonds in a bit of water.
  2. Mash them in the morning and make a paste.
  3. Add lime juice here and apply on the skin.
  4. After half an hour, rinse with cool water.

6. Pineapple juice and Lemon

  1. Get juice of ½ lemon and
  2. Add ½ cup pineapple juice.
  3. Mix and dip a cloth in this.
  4. Put it on the face and after 5 min, rinse with cold water.
  5. The pineapple has enzymes for clean skin and it goes well with lemon juice.

Note: While large pores do mar your overall appearance, but these basic efforts can help you get rid of them without spending a huge amount of money. Take out time every day for skin care. Clean your skin thoroughly, drink lots of water and apply the right makeup for a healthy, supple and flawless skin.

Source:  Organic Health Corner

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