Watch Turmeric Reprogram And Destroy Cancer Cells (Video)

The cure for cancer is an elusive goal for researchers around the world. One of the greatest struggles with killing cancer isn’t exactly the killing part, but it’s not killing the rest of you.
The 10 trillion cells in your body die and are replaced every 100 days. This means that approximately 100 billion cells die daily and new cells take their place, the term for this programmed cell death is apoptosis. When cells lose their programming and do not die, they continue to replicate and often become cancerous.
Alternative medications like turmeric and hemp oil can be effective for some people. But it’s been difficult to apply those cures to all types of cancer.

Turmeric Reprogram And Destroy Cancer Cells

Research has shown that curcumin, which is the yellow pigment in turmeric, can reprogram the body’s cells and restart the normal process of apoptosis.

They report that curcumin appears to be efficacious in treating most types of cancer without harming the surrounding tissue. Also supports traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, by enhancing the body’s ability to destroy and eliminate cancer cells.

Cancer cells do not become resistant to curcumin and it inhibits the body’s ability to synthesize a protein that contributes to the formation of tumors.

Turmeric Reprogram And Destroy Cancer Cells

“In learning the molecular biology of cancer pathways, and what the evidence actually shows the effect of natural product extracts on various relevant molecular targets in various cancers, we see:

That there’s actually quite a large amount of evidence that supports using various molecules, natural products, and pharmaceuticals that are already approved and that have been around for a long time to affect anti-cancer activity along that pathway at that target.

That’s called molecularly targeted anti-cancer treatment, and it’s widely practiced in oncology today.

What’s not widely practiced is the use of the natural products for the molecularly targeted anti-cancer activity. The evidence base suggests and supports the use of these treatment recommendations.”

Watch Turmeric Reprogram And Destroy Cancer Cells (Video):

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